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Content Marketing Techniques to Build Traffic Online

Posted on by Kent Yunk

Whether your website is new or old, content marketing ideas can build traffic. Content marketing focuses on bringing new people to your website by supplying valuable information about products or services that you sell. The theory is that a potential customer who wants to learn more about a product or service can go to your website, where they will perceive you as an expert because of the information they find there. After they decide to purchase that product or service, they will be much more likely to purchase it from you because you have gained their trust and they are already on your website. Two ways to use content marketing to build traffic are to establish a blog and to answer your audience’s questions.

Content Marketing

Create a blog.

Companies who try to pack too much information in a small space on their website create clutter that customers must sift through. It can be beneficial to add a blogging page to your site for content marketing. Regularly post articles that contain valuable information about products or services related to your company. Establish yourself as the friendly expert who wants to help anyone who comes to your site. This can raise your rank in online searches and it may keep visitors on your website longer.

Answer your audiences’ questions.

Content marketing ideas are nearly endless when you concentrate on answering any questions you receive. Write educational articles that explain common misconceptions. For even better traffic, allow visitors to ask you questions. Many visitors will appreciate the attention and you may receive a steady list of questions to answer with new blog postings. If one person has a certain question, then many people are likely to have the same question. You can also visit websites that specialize in questions and answers; give your expert answers along with a link to a blog about the topic on your website. This will help boost your search engine rankings.

Content marketing ideas such as adding a blog to your website, including a comprehensive FAQ section to answer relevant questions, can make your company website an asset to potential customers. As people find your blog and learn to trust you, your traffic can skyrocket. We have worked with several companies who have seen as much as 3x the traffic due to regular blogging. When people appreciate the information you give, they may post your link on their own websites, which markets your company to their friends and associates.

Summer Solstice is a Time to Connect

Posted on by Melanie Yunk

Many cultures around the world use the summer solstice as a time to give thanks for all the good things they have and to celebrate the abundances that life has provided. It is also a time to realign with nature and remember that we are all connected to one another. What better time to acknowledge the single most important component of any business: people.

Summer Solstice

Building relationships with your customers, both current and potential, is an important way to keep your customer conversion and retention rates high. People like to work with and buy from companies and brands when they feel that their needs matter and their business is appreciated. In other words, they like to feel connected to the company. Social networking is the ultimate relationship-building tool for businesses and the summer solstice is the perfect time to evaluate your strategies. 

Customer Appreciation 

Social networking is a well-known way to connect with people and to reach a wide audience using many channels and types of media. Take the summer solstice as an opportunity to check in with your fans, followers and subscribers and let them know that you appreciate them. Remember, it costs less to keep a client than to acquire a new one and showing your appreciation is a great way to boost your retention rates. Whether you host an appreciation giveaway, post a series of customer spotlights or simply post a note of gratitude, showing that you care will make your customers feel connected. 

Realign Your Goals 

Since summer solstice is a time to realign your connection with other people, make sure that your customer’s needs are in alignment with your social networking strategy. Social media outlets are a great way to increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty and the way to do this is to be entertaining and informative for your readers. Make sure you’re not spending too much time talking about yourself and focus your content on what your readers want to see. 

People First 

It’s very easy to become consumed with strategies and goals for your social media outlets, especially when you’re looking at graphs, charts and piles of data all day. Take a few minutes to check in with your social networking accounts and reconnect with the real people that make you successful. Use the summer solstice this Saturday as a reminder that our customers are our greatest assets and give thanks for the abundances that they give us.

Friday the 13th SEO Techniques for Good Luck

Posted on by Melanie Yunk

In Western culture, many people think of Friday the 13th as a bad omen. Even a successful horror franchise is named after the most infamous date on the calendar. Though  suspicions suggest the unlucky day tradition began with the death of Italian composer Gioachino Rossini on Friday, November 13, 1868, Fridays have been held in low regard for centuries.

Bad Luck Friday

Unfortunately, the belief still survives in today’s modern times. Antiquated beliefs can be a fun way to promote a product or service, but companies need to take extra care to avoid bad luck. Don’t be scared. One way to avoid the negativity associated with Friday the 13th or other bad omens is by utilizing good SEO practices. Even on this most superstitious of days, building natural links and utilizing relevant content yields good results. SEO techniques are tactics used to boost a website’s ranking with Google and other search engines. Utilizing SEO techniques can mean the difference between sinking and swimming for most companies. Below are a few basic SEO tips to maintain a website’s “good luck,” even on Friday the 13th.

13th friday

Social Media

Forming organic backlinks is important, especially on the most horrific of days. Making sure a company’s social media accounts link back to the main website is key to boosting a site’s authority with search engines. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest need to be linked to the main website to build organic links. Using links and keywords in posts on social networks also help a company boost its rankings for preferred keywords.

Content for Good Fortune

Stuffing sites with keywords or ads is a good way to be permanently removed from the Google index. This unfortunate act is even more likely to take place on the most unluckiest day of the year, right? Therefore, today is  the perfect opportunity to invest in professionally-written content for the site’s blog. If the website does not include a blog, consider adding one because fresh content is not only lucky, but smart and a blog is the best place to create new content on a website.

Rely on an Expert

The best SEO technique available is to find a professional SEO consulting agency that understands the ever-changing Google algorithms responsible for ranking the sites. The lucky SEO Strategist spends hours studying the best SEO practices to stay one step ahead of the search engines. By hiring an SEO company, the experts can solve the puzzle that is fighting back — an unlucky fate regardless of Friday the 13th or any other date.

By following a few these simple SEO tips, businesses protect themselves from the bad luck brought on by Friday the 13th superstitions. What are your superstitions about SEO?

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