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When you look for someone to develop and finesse your social media, search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing and online reputation, you want a tested, proven, results-driven partner – an agency that will help you shout from the rooftops about your amazing business and the services and products you offer.

Roaring Pajamas is that agency.

We have the experience and know-how to help your business get the word out so you reach more people, build better customer relationships and increase your revenue.


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We Are Your Allies


Roaring Pajamas partners with marketing professionals who need to boost their online marketing efforts. And we make the process fun and easy.

That means your business is much more than a client to us. You, your team, your customers all become more than just another job. And the entire Roaring Pajamas team is focused on one thing: positive results.

Your success is our success.

Master This New Marketing Habitat

Master This New
Marketing Habitat

Master This New Marketing Habitat

The marketing world has definitely changed in the past few years. Businesses can’t survive without an effective online presence. That means you must manage your website’s search engine optimization, develop engaging social media with your customers and tie it all together with an effective digital marketing strategy.

But who has the time? You have a business to run.

Roaring Pajamas steps in, learns about your company and your customers, and helps you develop a strategy that puts your business in front of the people who matter - your ideal customers.


Handmade Solutions


Roaring Pajamas fits ideally into your marketing operations. We’re the one agency that can bring together all the tools and services you’ll need for all things digital. We are an agency that specializes in social media, search engine optimization, reputation management and much more.

We’ve built exceptional relationships with other digital service businesses like web designers and developers, graphic artists, email marketing professionals, writers and more – all to provide the most comprehensive approach to boost your online traffic and sales.

When you have an experienced and knowledgeable partner like Roaring Pajamas on your side, you can be confident your business is using the most cutting-edge techniques and tools to implement any online strategy.


Here are just a few of the services Roaring Pajamas offers to put your business in front of more and more customers.


Devise, Advise and Optimize

Devise, Advise and Optimize

The most valuable service an SEO agency can provide is to increase conversions by improving your site's rankings in search engines like Google and Bing.

As an agency with more than a decade of experience, we stay on top of the latest search engine algorithm updates to ensure your SEO complies with the latest guidelines. Search engine optimization can be confusing and the parameters are constantly changing. Properly implementing SEO is like aiming at a constantly moving target.

Roaring Pajamas has its sights set on that SEO bullseye.

SEO is one of Roaring Pajamas’ specialties. You don’t have to know the ins and outs of Google search, because Roaring Pajamas already does. Today’s tools are sophisticated. Keyword planners, site analytics, crawlers, link analysis and more apps are being developed constantly. You don’t have time to keep track of and implement all those tools. We stay on top of algorithm updates, research keywords, and make sure crawlers can access your site and build links. Clients don't need to track all these details because we do.

You just need Roaring Pajamas.


Nourish Your
Social Media Feed


Social media allows people and businesses to connect on an intimate level. Your social media program provides an open forum that can lead to lifelong relationships with customers. But with so many options, how do you choose your favorite platform? Create a strategy? Write a company profile? Develop an editorial calendar? Manage your customer engagement?

The Roaring Pajamas team helps you decide where to focus your social media marketing efforts and develops a plan taking the hours of work out of your hands. Roaring Pajamas writes posts for your chosen platforms and develops images or works with your graphic designers to see those images come to life.

Social media is all about relationship-building. By personally interacting with your customers through a social media platform, you can turn some-time buyers into life-long customers.


Digital Marketing
Is More Than A Website

Digital Marketing Is More Than A Website

You can’t put off developing a digital marketing plan anymore. Gone are the days when just having a website was all your business needed. No doubt, a cool website is … well … cool. But there are so many more avenues you can use to promote your business and build connections with your customers.

A digital marketing strategy contains many moving parts. SEO, social media, reputation management, blog editorial calendars, email, paid search, and many other digitally-based activities. How are you supposed to keep track of it all?

When Roaring Pajamas develops a digital marketing strategy, you know every aspect of your online presence will be explored – business and customer personas, goals, objectives, timing of implementation, even how to link different campaigns so they flow and work together.

Marketing is so much more involved than posting on a social media platform every day, or attaching a few keywords to your website’s pages. All the digital marketing parts must fit together like cogs in a machine. One cog turns, which turns another, and another. Roaring Pajamas develops integrated strategies that flow and support each other – just like a series of cogs.


But Wait, There's More

At Roaring Pajamas, we strive to become an extension of your team.

A true partner.

We bring nearly 15 years of experience in the digital space to the table, all for your benefit. We value hard work, honesty, transparency and kindness.

All of Roaring Pajamas’ services are focused on one thing: your success. You won’t find another digital marketing agency quite like Roaring Pajamas anywhere else.

Whether you need a social media plan, a digital marketing strategy or a revamp of your on-site SEO, Roaring Pajamas is the agency for you and your business. We also offer training on how to maintain your website’s SEO practices long after we’ve completed our work for you.

We’d love to talk with you more about how we can serve you. Why not contact us today to discuss how Roaring Pajamas will help you and your enterprise with your social media marketing, SEO and digital marketing strategy efforts?

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Melanie Yunk and her team have been instrumental in the success of my business over the past 10 years. They helped me make an impact and expand my reach to new clients and saved me from making unprofitable expenditures when it comes to social media advertising. They know how positioning, keywords, and SEO all work together. Thank you, Melanie!

Ron Collins

Collins Insurance

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