Melanie Yunk Leads With Technical Know-How, Media Prowess, Business Acumen

Roaring Pajamas president Melanie Yunk has been optimizing websites since 2005 – before SEO was a daily-used term for online entities the world over. She’s prospered as a social media strategist with her expertise spanning eCommerce and online services for both B2B and B2C enterprises.

Melanie’s entire career culminated with the evolution of Roaring Pajamas.

First, she worked in Honeywell’s logistics department on SGML publishing component maintenance manuals. She was part of the team that created SGML data for the Boeing 777 cockpit being developed by the company. Then, she worked as a consultant in a consortium of semiconductor companies, building and implementing SGML and XML data exchange standards. She developed the first online fully-searchable SGML databook for the Intel Pentium™ Processor.

In the early 2000s, Melanie created a wholesale and retail (eCommerce) gourmet food business and sold products nationwide. She also sold on HSN.

“I started using SEO in 2005, improving our eCommerce site,” she said. That effort was very successful, tripling the business’s traffic in 3 months.” Then she used social platforms to reach out to the media, chefs, bloggers and customers. Again, requests and sales flooded in and “our business rose to a new level.”

All this experience led Melanie to her present marketing career with Roaring Pajamas. The company serves businesses wishing to increase revenues via website traffic and social media.


Melanie Yunk understands what enterprises go through to develop, market and lead a company from personal experience.

Clients trust Melanie because of her years of experience. The search and social media strategist feels at home in a boardroom, a brainstorming session or anyplace in between.

Melanie is fabulous at intuiting a clients' needs in the ever-changing and rapidly arching SEO, social media, branding and online marketing arena and making astute strategic recommendations based on her solid research and analytical skills. She recommended several key social media activities as a marketing platform for my interior design business, and has coached me along the way. My business has benefited greatly from her expertise. And she is great fun to work with!

Kit Golson

Chic Provence

Desire, Commitment, Service

Digital marketing has changed since 2009. So has SEO, social media and all aspects of working in a digital world. But one thing remains the same: Melanie’s commitment to the clients she serves and her desire to equip them with the tools they need to make the best decisions possible.

Two of the words she holds close are “partnerships” and “transparency.” She sees her clients as partners and feels personally responsible for growing their digital presence. Keeping clients up-to-speed about everything Roaring Pajamas does on their behalf is imperative.

She treasures the trust her clients have placed in her and her team.

Melanie Yunk is an engineer by education, a former gourmet food creator by passion and a savvy digital entrepreneur using her astute understanding of media trends.

Melanie and her team are ready to step up and support your online marketing efforts now. Contact them today.

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