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Press releases:

6/23/15 – Roaring Pajamas Receives San Mateo County Green Business Certification

6/19/12 – Roaring Pajamas Adds SEO Audits To Company Service Offerings

2/28/12 – SEO Strategist Kent Yunk to Speak at SMX West 2012

1/31/12 – Kent Yunk Joins Roaring Pajamas as Vice President and Search Engine Optimization Strategist

1/31/11 – Top Tier Hi-Tech Professional Launches Unique Digital Strategy Agency Roaring Pajamas



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7/15/15: Convert Followers to Buyers on Instagram and Pinterest by Melanie Yunk,

6/17/15: Social Media Examiner’s Industry Report Finds Facebook Still Among Highest Rated Networks by Melanie Yunk,

5/20/15: LinkedIn Birthday Reminders Provide Surprising New Marketing Opportunities by Melanie Yunk,

4/16/15: Deadline for Mobile Friendly Websites for Google Ranking is Approaching Quickly by Melanie Yunk,

3/18/15: Featured Videos on Facebook Increase Reach for Businesses by Melanie Yunk,

2/18/15: New Google and Twitter Deal Means New Twitter Search Strategy for Businesses by Melanie Yunk,

1/21/15: Update Your Facebook Strategy to Include the New Call-to-Action Buttons by Melanie Yunk,

12/17/14: 4 New Years Resolutions for Business Owners by Melanie Yunk,

10/15/14: Why Website Design and SEO Don’t Always Work Well Together by Melanie Yunk,

9/17/14: Don’t Mess With My Twitter Feed, Twitter! by Melanie Yunk,

8/20/14: What is Open Graph and Will It Improve Website Links on a Facebook Timeline? by Melanie Yunk,

7/16/14:  What Is And Why Should We Implement It?   by Melanie Yunk,

6/19/14: Is Your Facebook Page Losing Its Organic Reach?   by Melanie Yunk,

5/21/14: Facebook Apps – Will They Stay or Hide in the New Pages Layout? by Melanie Yunk,

4/16/14: Why a 301 Redirect Can Improve SEO  by Melanie Yunk,

3/19/14: Tips for Tuning Website Content   by Melanie Yunk,

2/19/14: How Search Operators Make Your Search Even Better by Melanie Yunk,

1/22/14: Freshen Up Your Social Media Strategy And Management For The New Year  by Melanie Yunk,

12/18/13: A Letter to Santa Wishing for Better Social Media in 2014  by Melanie Yunk,

11/20/13: Star Reviews for Brands on Facebook are Coming! by Melanie Yunk,

10/16/13: 8 Ways To Use Social Media To Promote Your Holiday Events by Melanie Yunk,

8/21/13: Why Don’t Facebook Posts from My Favorite Pages Appear in My News Feed?  by Melanie Yunk,

7/17/13: Why People Don’t Trust SEO Consultants  by Melanie Yunk,

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5/22/13:  Don’t Let Social Media Blunders Ruin Your Day  by Melanie Yunk,

4/17/13: To “Out People” on Twitter or Not: The Ethical Side of Social Media  by Melanie Yunk,

3/21/13 – Increase Your Keyword Rankings by Employing Basic Search Engine Optimization Tactics by Melanie Yunk,

2/21/13 – Mobile Phones at the Dinner Table – Acceptable or Etiquette Nightmare? by Melanie Yunk,

1/17/13 – Facebook Guidelines for Running a Safe Contest or Sweepstakes  by Melanie Yunk,

12/27/12 – Our 10 Most Popular Posts for 2012,

12/19/12 – Seasonal Content Revealed by Kent Yunk,

12/19/12 – Creating SEO Content: Think Like Your Customers When Creating Online Content  by Melanie Yunk,

11/14/12 – Don’t Be a Turkey: A Thanksgiving Gravy Recipe for the Perfect Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Strategy by Melanie Yunk,

10/18/12 – Optimizing a LinkedIn Profile for Better Leads  by Melanie Yunk,

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8/22/12 –How A Social Media Editorial Calendar Simplifies Your Social Media Campaigns – by Melanie Yunk,

7/27/12 – Gourmet Food to Hashtags & Search Engines – San Carlos Patch

7/18/12 –How To Run A Social Media Campaign During Your Summer Vacation – by Melanie Yunk,

7/2/12 –  San Carlos Holds Social Media Day – San Carlos Patch

6/25/12 – Downtown Treasure Hunt a Big Hit(s) – San Carlos Patch

6/20/12 – San Carlos to Highlight Social Media Day With Treasure Hunt – San Carlos Patch

6/19/12 – San Carlos Firm Conducting SEO Audits – San Carlos Patch

3/25/12 – Peninsula small businesses yelping about Yelp’s mysterious algorithm -Peninsula Press

2/1/12 – SEO Consultants – SEO Theory

1/19/12 – Entrepreneur honored by San Carlos Chamber of Commerce – SF Examiner

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7/1/11 – Social Media Day & How One Business Seized It – Laurel Street Spy