Roaring Pajamas Receives San Mateo County Green Business Certification

Roaring Pajamas Passes the Test for the Bay Area Green Business Program, Helps Save the Environment

San Carlos, CA June 23, 2015 – Roaring Pajamas, a local social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and digital strategy company, is now certified as a green business in San Mateo County, California. The certification was awarded through the Bay Area Green Business Program operated by RecycleWorks, PG&E and the County. The program recognizes small- to medium-sized businesses that incorporate green practices, sustainable resources and reduce their carbon footprint. Roaring Pajamas worked hard to qualify for the County’s stringent green practices requirements.

Bay Area Green BusinessRoaring Pajamas is dedicated to preserving the environment and its community in every way possible. From recycling most everything, including printer paper, food scraps and using e-fax to the use of email and social media networks to communicate with clients, the Company evaluated and employed every green practice available to them. Even invoices are sent via email, and many bills are paid online. Additionally, Roaring Pajama’s contractors often work from home and are encouraged to use public transportation to minimize commute resources.

Melanie Yunk, founder and President of Roaring Pajamas said, “Kent and I are very proud of the progress we’ve made to reduce our impact on the environment. We continuously review our practices so we can improve when possible.”

The Yunks have recycled for many years. Before Melanie and her husband, Kent, moved to the Bay Area in 1994, Melanie started a recycling program in the townhome complex where they lived in Phoenix, Arizona. The program started before recycling became standard practice, and neighbors resisted, but the program eventually took hold and became a success. Environmental causes have been a huge part of Melanie and Kent’s life, so it comes to no surprise they would bring this same philosophy to their business.

Roaring Pajamas is the second business of Melanie’s to receive a green business certification. Melanie’s Fine Foods, a gourmet manufacturing and distribution business, became one of the very first businesses to become a certified green business in San Mateo County in 2008.

Going green for businesses not only helps the environment, but can help a business’s bottom line too. Saving resources means saving money. Currently, more than 2,800 certified green businesses exist in California today, resulting in a total of over three million dollars in savings, not to mention the positive impact on the environment.

For more information on reducing a business’s environmental footprint, visit the California Green Business Program’s website. For more information on Roaring Pajamas, visit the Roaring Pajamas website or call (650) 593-9303.

About Roaring Pajamas

Roaring Pajamas is a well-known digital strategy agency offering top-notch expertise as a full-service social media, search engine optimization and digital strategy consulting. Roaring Pajamas continues its reputation as a successful trail blazer, helping its clients to create marketing solutions that enable them to not only bag their game, but to stay on top. The Roaring Pajamas staff addresses the needs of diverse industry sectors including retail, financial, technology, consumer products, B2B and more. The firm’s office is located in San Carlos, California. To learn more please call 650-593-9303 or visit the Roaring Pajamas website.

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