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Goal-Setting to Set Your Business Up for Social Media Success

This year at Roaring Pajamas, our only resolution is to eschew New Year’s resolutions! Instead, we’re starting 2018 in favor of goal-setting. Studies (and personal experience) show that most resolutions have been long forgotten in a few months (if not weeks!). And it makes sense—resolutions are usually just general aspirations, often inspired by feelings of…

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Roaring Pajamas’ 3rd Annual Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Awesome Holiday Tech Gifts for the Tech-Lover in Your Life

Can you believe the holidays are almost upon us again? We may or may not already be playing holiday music in the Roaring Pajamas office 🙂 We’re also planning our holiday shopping! After tapping our team for their favorite holiday tech gifts, I’m actually excited to start shopping for presents for the tech lovers amongst…

LinkedIn Search Tips

7 LinkedIn Search Tips to Help New Clients Find You

Can we talk about the power of LinkedIn when it comes to search? Because sometimes I feel like LinkedIn gets a bad rap—it doesn’t have the universal appeal of Facebook or the glitz and glam of Instagram; it’s not the cool kid on the block like Snapchat or the crafty mom like Pinterest. LinkedIn often…

Improve Your Blog Posts

Unique and Actionable Writing Tips to Improve Your Blog Posts

Learning how to blog successfully can be intimidating, especially if you don’t consider yourself a writer. Don’t worry—we have the writing tips you need! Because when you have a business, blogging is important: blogging builds your credibility, feeds your SEO and allows you to provide valuable information to your customers for free. And learning how…

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Increase Sales Over the Holidays With Social Media

Social media marketing campaigns become especially important during the holidays-there is more money being spent during that time of year. And not unlike your average social media campaign, a holiday marketing campaign takes a lot of planning and preparation. It’s important (and helpful) to start your planning early to ensure your campaign runs smoothly and…

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Don’t Miss Our Top 6 SEO Tutorials!

We invest tons of time in understanding and excelling in search optimization. And, we’ve written lots of SEO tutorials on our blog. We do it because it’s our business, but it’s also our passion. I know, it sounds super geeky, but it’s true! We are constantly asked questions such as: What is SEO? Is SEO…

instagram help

Roaring Pajamas’ Instagram Help Greatest Hits

Over the last year or so, we’ve compiled a treasure trove of Instagram help articles. Since clients and friends regularly ask how to use Instagram, we thought we’d record this quick summary for easy access to our “Instagram Help Greatest Hits.” Check it out, and let us know what you think. To start, this post…

Unicorn cupcakes for a party

How to Start a Social Media Trend: Do You Have What it Takes to Create the Next Unicorn Frappuccino?

Remember the Unicorn Frappuccino craze that seemed to take over the world (or, at least the internet) a few months ago? The social media trend that had the masses clamoring for the sugar-laden and mildly nauseating neon drink? Maybe you even tried one? Despite the crazy appearance of the drink, the marketing work behind it…

LinkedIn for Business

8 LinkedIn for Business Strategies to Transform Your Marketing Efforts

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, has become one of the most valuable B2B marketing tools today. Have you harnessed LinkedIn for business? Do you know how to elevate your LinkedIn status? Follow along and learn how to use LinkedIn to maximize your marketing. Create and Maintain a Personal Profile AND Company Page: Rock your…

help zap writer's block with these 7 tips

7 Tips to Zap Writer’s Block and Create Awesome Content

As writers, we all get writer’s block. Social media managers suffer the same issue. The question is, “how do we get past to find, write and share compelling content?” Our team here at Roaring Pajamas includes social media managers and copywriters, and between the group of us, we write a ton of content each week.…

Not To Be Annoying

How Not To Be Annoying on Social Media

We all have them, those social media pet peeves that just really irk us. For fun, our team compiled a list of how not to be annoying on social media. With each new addition to the list, we found ourselves nodding our heads in violent agreement and literally LOL’ing our way through the conversation. We thought…

10 Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement

10 Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement

With 300 million daily users, 95 million photos uploaded a day and 4.2 billion likes a day, there’s ample opportunity for Instagram engagement. These statistics come from Social Media Today and clearly demonstrate the tremendous reach and usage of Instagram. But, how do you cut through the noise of those 95 million daily uploads and…