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grunge illustration of bad luck day 13th friday

Friday the 13th SEO Techniques for Good Luck

In Western culture, many people think of Friday the 13th as a bad omen. Even a successful horror franchise is named after the most infamous date on the calendar. Though  suspicions suggest the unlucky day tradition began with the death of Italian composer Gioachino Rossini on Friday, November 13, 1868, Fridays have been held in…

editorial calendar

Why a Social Media Editorial Calendar Makes Updates Simpler

Do you use an editorial calendar to help manage your social media posts, tweets and blog posts? If not, you’re probably spending too much time managing these activities. With a little planning and the completion and ongoing maintenance of an editorial calendar, daily social media updates and blog posts become almost automatic. If you ran…


Five Ways Search Engine Marketers and Search Engine Optimizers are Different

People are often confused and often ask us the difference between a Search Engine Marketer (SEM) and a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO). We’re excited to include this post from guest blogger, David Rodnitzky. David is the CEO of PPC Associates and he, as you’ll read below, has some big opinions about the differences between SEMs…


Provence Tour Draws Record Traffic after Search Engine Optimization

Our client, Kit Golson at Chic Provence, hosted her 1st Annual Provence Tour in May, 2011. Kit is a talented and creative interior designer with a serious passion for all things Française. Last year, Kit approached us to help her increase traffic  for her Provence design tour webpage by employing search engine optimization practices. After…


Roaring Pajamas Gets Cozy at BlogWorld

At BlogWorld 2011, we spent 3 crazy days listening to keynotes and various sessions in a diverse set of tracks. Here are our top 10 favorite things about BlogWorld 2011: Jim Farley, CMO, Ford Motor Company rocks. His keynote session was inspirational, emotional and absolutely amazing. He makes us happy to drive Fords. The party…

Gourmet Food

How Social Media is Like Gourmet Food

People often ask me why I transitioned from gourmet food manufacturing to social media consulting. I thought the similarities between the two were obvious, but evidently not. So, below are 5 ways that Social Media is like Gourmet Food: So, there you go. Five justifications for leaving one addicting, delicious and creative job for another…


San Carlos Celebrates Social Media Day 2011 with a Treasure Hunt

On Thursday, June 30, San Carlans participated in the City’s first ever celebration of Social Media Day. The event included a Meetup and Treasure Hunt that led participants through downtown during the City’s weekly Farmers’ Market, Hot Harvest Nights. Social Media Day was originally proclaimed by Mashable in 2010 and was celebrated with more than…

email etiquette, proper email etiquette

Top 10 Ways to Know You’re Using Proper Email Etiquette

Do you think email etiquette is slipping into the past? Do you think proper email etiquette in the workplace is important? At Roaring Pajamas, we do our best to be respectful in our communications with clients, friends and fans. Here are the top 10 ways to identify whether or not you’re doing the same: Use…

Google Jail for Google Penalty

Google Penalty – What to Do When Your Site Goes to Google Jail

Recently, Google placed a penalty on a client’s site. We were in the middle of a very large SEO project when we discovered the very few pages already released into Google’s main index were being removed. Yikes! We were placed in Google Jail. What do we do now? Well, the answer isn’t simple. Google doesn’t provide…

Get Started with a Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy: 5 Steps to Success

A social media strategy helps you focus your activities online and guides you to a successful campaign. The beginning of the year is a great time to reorganize yourself and your business, and it’s a perfect time to create a social media strategy! I frequently speak with small business owners who tell me they don’t…


Tweet? Post? Accept Friend Request? Help!

If you haven’t already added these social media terms to your vocabulary, it’s time to start. My clients often come to me saying they know they need to up their social media game, but they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. On the other hand, a lot of business owners are blindly using…