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Roaring Pajamas Gets Cozy at BlogWorld

Posted on by Melanie Yunk

At BlogWorld 2011, we spent 3 crazy days listening to keynotes and various sessions in a diverse set of tracks. Here are our top 10 favorite things about BlogWorld 2011:

  1. Jim Farley, CMO, Ford Motor Company rocks. His keynote session was inspirational, emotional and absolutely amazing. He makes us happy to drive Fords.
  2. The party on the rooftop at the Icon LA Ultra Lounge sported excellent weather, beautiful views a few excellent appetizers and lots of cocktails.
  3. C.C. Chapman’s session: Content Rules, But Common Sense Rocks! Enough said.
  4. Listening to the amazing Mari Smith. Plus, we met her and snapped a photo, although that pic will remain a secret to all due to its imperfect nature.
  5. Free Heineken and U4RIK Tequila!
  6. Lisa Stone, CEO of BlogHer was very inspirational and informative. She says 1 of 2 women reads a blog and 80% of those who do, buy products based on blogger recommendations.
  7. At Guy Kawasaki’s keynote he said, “Google+ is to Facebook what Macintosh is to Windows, and in Mari Smith’s tweet, “the room goes ooooh!”
  8. The free vodka from U4RIK at the J Lounge party. (We have a theme here, for sure!)
  9. Peter Shankman’s keynote was pure enjoyment. We especially like his video about his dating predicament while training for an Iron Man. We wish him well on his upcoming nuptials.
  10. Our new friends, including @MindNMediaSales, Marcia Zellers at TootzyPop and @ShaneBarnhill!

Too bad we couldn’t clone ourselves. . . with all the great sessions at BlogWorld 2011, we can’t wait to find all the recorded sessions in our account next week, so we can watch those we missed. What was your favorite session, event, party, new friend?

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