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How to Remove Personal Information from Google Search Results To Protect Your Privacy

A new Google feature allows users to remove personal information from Google search results. All it takes is a little research and a few minutes to complete an online form.


How to Work From Home While Avoiding the Coronavirus

Do you need to learn how to work from home while sheltering in place? With the world concerned about the Coronavirus outbreak, companies, schools and businesses are sending people to work from home and self-quarantine and to learn how to work from home on their own.


How to Deal With Negative Comments on Social Media. Ignore or Engage?

Managing social media isn’t all fun and games and memes. You’re almost guaranteed to run into negative comments. If you’re lucky, you’ll rarely have to tangle with these thorny customers.

How the Hreflang Tag Boosts Your International Site’s SEO

How the Hreflang Tag Boosts Your International Site’s SEO

Correctly using the hreflang tag offers many benefits for SEO if you run a website with target audiences in multiple countries, languages or even dialects of a single language. For all its power, Google is still a machine and doesn’t know what it’s reading unless you properly identify your content. The Hreflang tag tells Google…

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Should I Use Meta Keywords on My Website for SEO?

As an SEO agency, we are often asked about the use of meta keywords. Search engines and their algorithms change on a continual basis. Since our clients understand that search engine algorithms and search engine optimization rules change over time, they often pose the question, “Should I use meta keywords?” This blog is here to…

What’s the Future of Social Media Social Media Trends 2019

What’s the Future of Social Media? Social Media Trends 2019

You want to know the social media trends 2019 – and for good reason. After all, you know that social media is critical to almost all brands’ marketing and overall success. Because social media is ever-changing, staying “in the know” will help you confidently strategize and grow your business further this coming year. That’s why,…

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Roaring Pajamas’ Blog: 2017 Year in Review

Tomorrow is the first day of 2018! Can you believe it? At Roaring Pajamas, we’re always so excited about a fresh new year—it’s the perfect opportunity to set goals for ourselves and for our clients. But before we do that, it’s nice to consider the year in review, too. And we had a lot of…

301 Redirects

Why a Domain Redirect Could Enhance Your SEO Ranking — and How to Set One Up

“Domain redirect” is one of those phrases we find ourselves using often when speaking to our clients lately. Unfortunately, the reason we have this conversation is because domain redirects are the remedy to a common issue that can (and often does!) negatively affect a company’s SEO ranking. And all too often, our clients-and many businesses-have…


How to Use Facebook Stories to Market Your Business

With Facebook recently rolling out its new Stories feature for brand Pages, businesses have a unique opportunity to learn how to use Facebook Stories and take advantage of this feature as a marketing tool while it’s still relatively new. Facebook Stories are undoubtedly modeled after and launched because of the popularity of other video-based, creative…


Roaring Pajamas’ Holiday Gift Guide for 2018

With December fast approaching, the Roaring Pajamas’ Holiday Gift Guide for 2018 is here to help make shopping for the ultra-techy person in your life much easier. We know figuring out the right office gifts for coworkers, loved ones and all around tech lovers can be a challenge. You want to get something that’s truly…


How to Make a Nofollow Link and When to Use It

Used well, knowing how to make a nofollow link can make a powerful difference in your SEO. Having been immersed in the world of domain authority and keyword ranking for years (on years!), I have seen the industry’s continual growth and evolution. SEO is a constantly changing landscape. (That’s why the Roaring Pajamas team and…

How to Properly Tag Other Brands on Social Media

How to Properly Tag Other Brands on Social Media

Do you know how to tag other brands on social media? Do you know that you should tag other brands? The reality is that few businesses (or even individuals) understand the importance of giving proper credit for branded content. When running social media programs for your business, tagging brands in your posts isn’t just the…