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How to Remove Personal Information from Google Search Results To Protect Your Privacy

A new Google feature allows users to remove personal information from Google search results. All it takes is a little research and a few minutes to complete an online form.


How to Deal With Negative Comments on Social Media. Ignore or Engage?

Managing social media isn’t all fun and games and memes. You’re almost guaranteed to run into negative comments. If you’re lucky, you’ll rarely have to tangle with these thorny customers.


What’s the Fuss About Influencer Marketing? Yet Another Spin on Reputation Management

Recently, we’ve explored a few topics around business reputation management and customer review acquisition. Now, we will look deeper into paid influencer marketing and sponsored content, yet another tactic for proactive reputation management. At Roaring Pajamas, we believe that managing a business’ reputation proves a mission-critical task. As part of reputation management, we recommend proactively…

address lookup sites

How to Protect Yourself from Address Lookup Sites

Have you ever Googled yourself and found personal details shockingly easy to uncover? A slew of address lookup sites make personal and sensitive information readily available and at the fingertips of anyone who wishes to find someone’s address. Unnerving as it may be to find a listing with your current home address, past home addresses,…

Customer Reviews

How to Acquire Customer Reviews (Proactively and Legally!)

Last year, we wrote about the importance of reputation management and online customer reviews, and – in particular – knowing what’s been written about you and your business online. We love this topic, as it is so important to businesses and often not fully appreciated or understood. We’d like to now explore another piece of…


My Employer’s Snooping! A Social Media Policy Review

Early in my social media career, when social media policies were just forming, I met people who were asked to give up their social network passwords during job interviews. I also encountered someone who was forced to share a social media password with work, as the company was inspecting employee social media activity to ensure…


Why Giving a Damn About Reputation Management Matters

Unlike Joan Jett, who doesn’t give a damn ’bout her reputation, any astute business owner should pay keen attention to reputation management in order to sustain – and grow – a business in today’s digital age. I mentioned this topic a few months ago after I wrote about my experience speaking on the topic at…

Congresswoman Speier opening the Small Business 101 Seminar

Small Business 101 Seminar: A Recap

On Friday, I spoke at Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s Small Business 101 seminar at the Oracle Conference Center in nearby Redwood City. I felt tremendously honored to be invited by the Congresswoman and thrilled to impart some wisdom I’ve gained as a small business owner and expertise I’ve honed in the field of digital marketing and…


Outstanding Customer Service on Social Media Combats Negative Reviews

Iggy Azalea takes to Twitter when a Papa John’s employee gave out her phone number. Papa John’s responds to the tweet, but makes light of the situation by making a joke. Customer service on social media might seem oxymoronic, but really the age-old business concept and new-age technological phenomenon are quite compatible. People both happy…

Reputation Management

Effective Online Reputation Management Helps Boost Your Business Reputation

As technology continues to dominate how business is performed, an active online reputation management plan is key. Today, your location, how you treat customers and anything else people deem worthy of discussing will show up in either a positive or negative way, and will either help or hurt your business. Have you taken the time…