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How to Work From Home While Avoiding the Coronavirus

Do you need to learn how to work from home while sheltering in place? With the world concerned about the Coronavirus outbreak, companies, schools and businesses are sending people to work from home and self-quarantine and to learn how to work from home on their own.

Video Conference Call Etiquette for Modern-Day Professionals

Video Conference Call Etiquette for Modern-Day Professionals

“Etiquette” can seem like such an old-fashioned term-but when participating on a video conference call, defining the etiquette for this modern meeting form is more necessary than ever. Video conference calls have added immense value to professional interactions in recent years. Consider the previous reality: “Hi, who just joined?” “Sorry, go ahead.” “Can everyone go…

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Roaring Pajamas’ 3rd Annual Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Awesome Holiday Tech Gifts for the Tech-Lover in Your Life

Can you believe the holidays are almost upon us again? We may or may not already be playing holiday music in the Roaring Pajamas office 🙂 We’re also planning our holiday shopping! After tapping our team for their favorite holiday tech gifts, I’m actually excited to start shopping for presents for the tech lovers amongst…

Unicorn cupcakes for a party

How to Start a Social Media Trend: Do You Have What it Takes to Create the Next Unicorn Frappuccino?

Remember the Unicorn Frappuccino craze that seemed to take over the world (or, at least the internet) a few months ago? The social media trend that had the masses clamoring for the sugar-laden and mildly nauseating neon drink? Maybe you even tried one? Despite the crazy appearance of the drink, the marketing work behind it…

Not To Be Annoying

How Not To Be Annoying on Social Media

We all have them, those social media pet peeves that just really irk us. For fun, our team compiled a list of how not to be annoying on social media. With each new addition to the list, we found ourselves nodding our heads in violent agreement and literally LOL’ing our way through the conversation. We thought…

address lookup sites

How to Protect Yourself from Address Lookup Sites

Have you ever Googled yourself and found personal details shockingly easy to uncover? A slew of address lookup sites make personal and sensitive information readily available and at the fingertips of anyone who wishes to find someone’s address. Unnerving as it may be to find a listing with your current home address, past home addresses,…


Small Business Software Tip: Managing Aging Software

At Roaring Pajamas, we rely heavily on various software programs that make running our small business more efficient. We also rely heavily on our friend Sam Battles, of Sam Battles Networks, our IT consultant who fixes most of our PC problems, moves data over when we get new laptops and keeps up posted on useful…


Roaring Pajamas Digital Marketing Agency: Seven Years and Still Going Strong

I’ve known Melanie and Kent for a number of years, even before the creation of their digital marketing agency extraordinaire; a good handful of years ago, Melanie and I worked closely on life-changing volunteer projects with the Junior League of Palo Alto•Mid Peninsula, Inc. I have always admired Melanie’s drive and work ethic, and I’ve…


Cell Phone Etiquette: Talking in Parked Cars. Okay or Not?

Recently, I monitored a conversation about cell phone etiquette in a private online group. Cell phone etiquette is one of my favorite topics, and I wrote about it for If you’re interested, read Mobile Phones at the Dinner Table. Acceptable or Etiquette Nightmare? Anyway, a group member asked a question about the etiquette of someone…

Google Campus, Futuristic Buildings

Futuristic Buildings of Planned Google Campus Hope to Inspire

Google holds a long-standing history of a fun, creative work environment, and their plans for a new Google Campus in Mountain View, California will exceed expectations. In late-February, Google announced plans for a transparent campus, situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, which would contain a cohesive work-living environment. To meet Google’s demands for an…