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Google My Business

Read This Before You Claim Your Google My Business Listing!

Establishing Google tools for a business seems simple, but this task actually requires significant thought. Before you claim your Google My Business listing, or pretty much any other Google tool for your business, read this and carefully plan out your strategy. Otherwise, you may end up with a Google-sized mess on your hands. A quick…

Search Demand Trends for TV Keywords

Holiday Search Marketing Campaigns

We are going into the holidays and if you are anything like me you know that you will need to buy cards and gifts for friends, associates and family. Those of us that work in the SEO field know that this is also a time where traffic for holiday-related search terms goes through the roof.…


Five Ways Search Engine Marketers and Search Engine Optimizers are Different

People are often confused and often ask us the difference between a Search Engine Marketer (SEM) and a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO). We’re excited to include this post from guest blogger, David Rodnitzky. David is the CEO of PPC Associates and he, as you’ll read below, has some big opinions about the differences between SEMs…

Google Jail for Google Penalty

Google Penalty – What to Do When Your Site Goes to Google Jail

Recently, Google placed a penalty on a client’s site. We were in the middle of a very large SEO project when we discovered the very few pages already released into Google’s main index were being removed. Yikes! We were placed in Google Jail. What do we do now? Well, the answer isn’t simple. Google doesn’t provide…