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grunge illustration of bad luck day 13th friday

Friday the 13th SEO Techniques for Good Luck

In Western culture, many people think of Friday the 13th as a bad omen. Even a successful horror franchise is named after the most infamous date on the calendar. Though  suspicions suggest the unlucky day tradition began with the death of Italian composer Gioachino Rossini on Friday, November 13, 1868, Fridays have been held in…

Search Demand Trends for TV Keywords

Holiday Search Marketing Campaigns

We are going into the holidays and if you are anything like me you know that you will need to buy cards and gifts for friends, associates and family. Those of us that work in the SEO field know that this is also a time where traffic for holiday-related search terms goes through the roof.…

Local Search: Denver Salons

Why Care About Local Business Search?

Have you noticed the map and listing that shows up when searching for local products or services? A fairly recent change in the Google and Bing search engine results page has increased the importance of location-specific business listings. This change means that the search results are now biased towards those businesses close to the location of the person executing…


Five Ways Search Engine Marketers and Search Engine Optimizers are Different

People are often confused and often ask us the difference between a Search Engine Marketer (SEM) and a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO). We’re excited to include this post from guest blogger, David Rodnitzky. David is the CEO of PPC Associates and he, as you’ll read below, has some big opinions about the differences between SEMs…


Provence Tour Draws Record Traffic after Search Engine Optimization

Our client, Kit Golson at Chic Provence, hosted her 1st Annual Provence Tour in May, 2011. Kit is a talented and creative interior designer with a serious passion for all things Française. Last year, Kit approached us to help her increase traffic  for her Provence design tour webpage by employing search engine optimization practices. After…

Google Jail for Google Penalty

Google Penalty – What to Do When Your Site Goes to Google Jail

Recently, Google placed a penalty on a client’s site. We were in the middle of a very large SEO project when we discovered the very few pages already released into Google’s main index were being removed. Yikes! We were placed in Google Jail. What do we do now? Well, the answer isn’t simple. Google doesn’t provide…