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Robots Writing Content on Laptop Computers Generating AI Content

AI Generated Content: Privacy Perils and Ownership Rights

Seems like everyone, including writers, business owners and marketers, has jumped onto the AI generated content bandwagon. But before you throw in the whole ensemble, you need to learn about some concerns about privacy, content ownership and copyright. Being aware of these potential issues will help you make informed decisions about using AI generated content.…


How to Deal With Negative Comments on Social Media. Ignore or Engage?

Managing social media isn’t all fun and games and memes. You’re almost guaranteed to run into negative comments. If you’re lucky, you’ll rarely have to tangle with these thorny customers.

Top Social Media Tools - 2022

Roaring Pajamas’ Top Social Media Tools for Marketing Your Business in 2019

Whether you’re a digital native or internet-illiterate, there are social media tools you can use to help you promote your business online and engage with your audience. The truth is social media isn’t going anywhere. While social media use in the States may not be growing at the same rates as in the past, social…

What’s the Future of Social Media Social Media Trends 2019

What’s the Future of Social Media? Social Media Trends 2019

You want to know the social media trends 2019 – and for good reason. After all, you know that social media is critical to almost all brands’ marketing and overall success. Because social media is ever-changing, staying “in the know” will help you confidently strategize and grow your business further this coming year. That’s why,…


How to Use Facebook Stories to Market Your Business

With Facebook recently rolling out its new Stories feature for brand Pages, businesses have a unique opportunity to learn how to use Facebook Stories and take advantage of this feature as a marketing tool while it’s still relatively new. Facebook Stories are undoubtedly modeled after and launched because of the popularity of other video-based, creative…

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Using Facebook Messenger Bots to Connect with Customers

The power of Facebook messenger bots in a brand’s marketing arsenal is valuable for connecting with customers and driving sales, but is often overlooked. Think about this – you hop onto an unfamiliar brand Facebook page. You are seeking information about a product you may be interested in purchasing, but you just don’t see what…

How to Properly Tag Other Brands on Social Media

How to Properly Tag Other Brands on Social Media

Do you know how to tag other brands on social media? Do you know that you should tag other brands? The reality is that few businesses (or even individuals) understand the importance of giving proper credit for branded content. When running social media programs for your business, tagging brands in your posts isn’t just the…

6 Online Marketing Tips From Some of the Best Dads on the Internet

6 Online Marketing Tips From Some of the Best Dads on the Internet

From motivational morning pep talks to fun photoshoots to hilariously sarcastic tweets, the web is filled with fathers who go above and beyond for their kids—and their internet communities. Today we acknowledge the wholesome entertainment they provide and the viral marketing insight businesses can take away from their presence. Here are some of our favorite…

How to Come Up With Content Ideas

How to Come Up With Content Ideas that Connect With Your Audience

Whether you’re sharing blog posts, Facebook updates, email newsletters or Instagram Stories, you’ve probably wondered how to consistently come up with great content ideas—and more of them! And that question makes sense: Content is what connects you to your audience and converts the right people into customers. But, as with most marketing tools, content won’t…

Social Media Trends to Tap in 2018

Social Media Trends to Tap in 2018

So which social media trends should you be paying attention to—and taking advantage of—in 2018? Here are five of the top social media #trendingtopics to keep your eye (and marketing strategy) on this year: Instagram Stories Sure, Instagram Stories have been around for awhile. The feature quickly garnered buzz after launching in August 2016—and Stories’…

LinkedIn Search Tips

7 LinkedIn Search Tips to Help New Clients Find You

Can we talk about the power of LinkedIn when it comes to search? Because sometimes I feel like LinkedIn gets a bad rap—it doesn’t have the universal appeal of Facebook or the glitz and glam of Instagram; it’s not the cool kid on the block like Snapchat or the crafty mom like Pinterest. LinkedIn often…

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Increase Sales Over the Holidays With Social Media

Social media marketing campaigns become especially important during the holidays-there is more money being spent during that time of year. And not unlike your average social media campaign, a holiday marketing campaign takes a lot of planning and preparation. It’s important (and helpful) to start your planning early to ensure your campaign runs smoothly and…