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Should I Use Meta Keywords on My Website for SEO?

As an SEO agency, we are often asked about the use of meta keywords. Search engines and their algorithms change on a continual basis. Since our clients understand that search engine algorithms and search engine optimization rules change over time, they often pose the question, “Should I use meta keywords?” This blog is here to…

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Roaring Pajamas’ Blog: 2017 Year in Review

Tomorrow is the first day of 2018! Can you believe it? At Roaring Pajamas, we’re always so excited about a fresh new year—it’s the perfect opportunity to set goals for ourselves and for our clients. But before we do that, it’s nice to consider the year in review, too. And we had a lot of…

301 Redirects

Why a Domain Redirect Could Enhance Your SEO Ranking — and How to Set One Up

“Domain redirect” is one of those phrases we find ourselves using often when speaking to our clients lately. Unfortunately, the reason we have this conversation is because domain redirects are the remedy to a common issue that can (and often does!) negatively affect a company’s SEO ranking. And all too often, our clients-and many businesses-have…


How to Make a Nofollow Link and When to Use It

Used well, knowing how to make a nofollow link can make a powerful difference in your SEO. Having been immersed in the world of domain authority and keyword ranking for years (on years!), I have seen the industry’s continual growth and evolution. SEO is a constantly changing landscape. (That’s why the Roaring Pajamas team and…

Video Conference Call Etiquette for Modern-Day Professionals

Video Conference Call Etiquette for Modern-Day Professionals

“Etiquette” can seem like such an old-fashioned term-but when participating on a video conference call, defining the etiquette for this modern meeting form is more necessary than ever. Video conference calls have added immense value to professional interactions in recent years. Consider the previous reality: “Hi, who just joined?” “Sorry, go ahead.” “Can everyone go…

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Roaring Pajamas’ 3rd Annual Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Awesome Holiday Tech Gifts for the Tech-Lover in Your Life

Can you believe the holidays are almost upon us again? We may or may not already be playing holiday music in the Roaring Pajamas office 🙂 We’re also planning our holiday shopping! After tapping our team for their favorite holiday tech gifts, I’m actually excited to start shopping for presents for the tech lovers amongst…

Google My Business

Read This Before You Claim Your Google My Business Listing!

Establishing Google tools for a business seems simple, but this task actually requires significant thought. Before you claim your Google My Business listing, or pretty much any other Google tool for your business, read this and carefully plan out your strategy. Otherwise, you may end up with a Google-sized mess on your hands. A quick…