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How the Hreflang Tag Boosts Your International Site’s SEO

How the Hreflang Tag Boosts Your International Site’s SEO

Correctly using the hreflang tag offers many benefits for SEO if you run a website with target audiences in multiple countries, languages or even dialects of a single language. For all its power, Google is still a machine and doesn’t know what it’s reading unless you properly identify your content. The Hreflang tag tells Google…

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Should I Use Meta Keywords on My Website for SEO?

As an SEO agency, we are often asked about the use of meta keywords. Search engines and their algorithms change on a continual basis. Since our clients understand that search engine algorithms and search engine optimization rules change over time, they often pose the question, “Should I use meta keywords?” This blog is here to…

What’s the Future of Social Media Social Media Trends 2019

What’s the Future of Social Media? Social Media Trends 2019

You want to know the social media trends 2019 – and for good reason. After all, you know that social media is critical to almost all brands’ marketing and overall success. Because social media is ever-changing, staying “in the know” will help you confidently strategize and grow your business further this coming year. That’s why,…

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What Do Fresh Content, Website Ranking and Traffic Have in Common?

You’re feeling accomplished having updated your FAQ, started a blog or written an awesome case study. But, where do you put that content? Let’s strategically consider website ranking and the best place to add new content to impact your SEO efforts and be found. You see, where you place your new material on your website…

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Read This Before You Claim Your Google My Business Listing!

Establishing Google tools for a business seems simple, but this task actually requires significant thought. Before you claim your Google My Business listing, or pretty much any other Google tool for your business, read this and carefully plan out your strategy. Otherwise, you may end up with a Google-sized mess on your hands. A quick…


Illuminating the Dark Data of Social Media Metrics, Part 2

Understanding the Social Media Marketing Metrics Blind Spot – Part 2 In part one of this two-part series on the blind spot in social media metrics, we discussed dark social – the social sharing of content that occurs outside of what can be measured by Web analytics tools – and the impact of dark social…

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Understanding the Social Media Marketing Metrics Blind Spot, Part 1

Understanding the Social Media Marketing Metrics Blind Spot – Part 1 There’s an old saying, “we know 50% of our marketing works, we just don’t know which 50%,” that makes marketing metrics experts shudder. And rightly so. Measuring marketing is critical to a business and with basic, readily available tools one can easily gather useful…