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5(+)1 Reasons to Read 51 Content Marketing Hacks Right Now

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By Melanie Yunk | September 30, 2015

Earlier this year, one of our favorite content marketing experts, Scott Aughtmon,
published the book 51 Content Marketing Hacks. For both professional and occasional content marketers alike, this book is a quick but insightful read about best practices to help you reach and engage your desired audience. If you haven’t read this book, it is well worth your time.

Here are 5 (+) 1 reasons you should read it right now.

  1. Valuable and thoughtful insights. Based oncontent marketing, book review, marketing insights Scott Aughtmon’s years of marketing experience, these 51 hacks contain the most significant content marketing insights a skilled marketer needs in his or her toolbox. A recurring theme is the importance of creating the best content possible, most of which is not focused on directly promoting your business. Spending time and resources on creating content that doesn’t scream your business name or attributes seems counterintuitive. However, by creating content that speaks to your prospects and customers, and their interests and needs, you build their trust and engagement. That trust and engagement leads to customers. Seemingly illogical, but an insightful approach.
  2. Tangible and entertaining examples. Did you know that Disney mastered content marketing before it was a common marketing practice? Mr. Aughtmon gives multiple examples of how the magic of Disney permeated their marketing practices decades ago and still does today. For example, to finance the construction and opening of Disneyland, Walt Disney created television shows – including one solely focused on the then-future Disneyland. He then built rides at Disneyland that tied back to the Disney characters and stories the public had grown to love, creating an entire Disney marketing ecosystem. Given the almost universal appeal and knowledge of Disney, such an example paints a concrete and colorful picture of these tactics in action.
  3. Concise but impactful delivery. This book is well-written; easy to read because of the predictable patterns, short sentences, and short paragraphs; loaded with relevant examples, quotes and statistics; and packed with meaningful but concise information. Perfect for our busy lives that don’t allow for superfluous pursuits. Enough said.
  4. Actionable tips. We all love to receive great advice. However, great advice with impractical implementations isn’t useful. That is not the case with these 51 hacks. All Mr. Aughtmon’s hacks include actionable applications for your content marketing efforts. Ideas include using stories, lists and short sentences and paragraphs in your writing, as well as examples of how to repurpose one piece of content for multiple vehicles.
  5. Honest revelations. In this day when so many people curate their stories to show a perfect version of themselves, 24/7, hearing someone – especially an expert – willingly admit where they need improvement is refreshing. More than once, Aughtmon adds a note that he needs to improve a certain aspect of his marketing repertoire. The infusion of personality and honesty makes him likable and trustworthy. And, we’re happy to know he is human, too.

And, the +1…

  1. Memorable hacks. The most important part of this book? The 51 hacks are not just critical to your content marketing game, fun to read and easy to execute, but they are also quite memorable. Aughtmon practices what he preaches, which ultimately makes the book highly entertaining, engaging and effective. Days after finishing the book, I still vividly remember these hacks and apply them with ease.

Give it a read and let us know, what do you think? Which is your favorite of the 51 Content Marketing Hacks?

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