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When Avidbots approached us to help them develop and optimize its website, we jumped on the opportunity. The website was disorganized, incomplete, lacked proper conversion channels and was not optimized for search. In fact, the site could not be found on Google by searching for their brand. This case study states the challenges, our approach and results of this successful project.


No search demand for the only completely autonomous commercial floor scrubbing robot.

The best keywords and SERPs were taken over by consumer brands.

Client was dependent upon organic search as their main online channel – no social or paid.

Current website architecture did not display product offerings, and Parallax format created only one, long page.


Increase high quality leads at an efficient cost.

Expand the keyword universe to attract customers looking for floor scrubbers.

Index all pages on site.

Increase organic search web traffic.

Update positioning and branding on SERPs.

What They Are Saying...

In a QBR presentation, our sales department expressed how pleased they are with SEO.

Most of our leads are now coming in via online search.

Myrna Baker

Product Marketing Manager, Avidbots Corp.

What We Did

Our process focused on 4 key areas:

  1. Improve crawlability by search engines
    • Domain and page redirects
    • Adjustments to robots.txt file, sitemaps & URL configuration
    • Create new multi-page architecture to support SEO and expanded content
  2. Optimize all pertinent landing pages on site
  3. Increase in-bound linking and toxic link removal (rose to position 2 in # links compared to competition)
  4. Trained editors and other staff

Other key activities:

Optimized YouTube videos on the Avidbots channel

Provided keywords for all new content

Created and executed an internal and external link strategy. Including events, news, press, speaking engagements, career sites, awards, partners/customers, colleges/universities and memberships

Updated existing and added new business directory listings

Provided regular Link Building reporting

Built Data Studio Dashboard for SEO and Rank Reporting

Researched name for new target industries (Warehousing, Distribution Marketing, etc.) based on search demand

Overall Organic Traffic Results


External Link Performance


External Backlinks: 1,084
Referring Domains: 365

Note: When the link building graphs start from a low number, it's because the data is pulled from a "Fresh Index" which includes only links from 1/20/19 to present. If links haven't been crawled since 1/20/19, they won't appear in the Fresh Index.


Summary of Results

Organic Traffic Increases

Organic traffic 46%

Organic sessions 47%

Organic goal completions 784%

(2019 compared to 2018)


Increase in ranking keywords 44%

Ranking in top 5 on page 1 9%

Ranking on 1st 5 pages of Google 42%

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