SEO Case Study – Chordiant, a CRM Company

Case Study #2: Chordiant (Chordiant.com)

When Chordiant came to Roaring Pajamas looking to increase traffic to their website, the client’s brand term “Chordiant” was the only term that ranked. Chordiant, a customer relationship management solution provider, focusing on the financial, healthcare, insurance and telecommunication industries, lacked crucial H1 tags, meta descriptions and structured titles.

Chordiant wanted to increase targeted sales leads so we jumped right in and began creating compelling meta descriptions and optimizing on-page elements, specifically for the Solutions and Architecture sections.


The result? There was an impressive 26 percent increase in organic traffic to their site in less than three months after completing a comprehensive search engine optimization program. Within just two weeks, 11 terms on Chordiant.com ranked in the first 5 positions, 3 on second or third pages in Google.