Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation ManagementHow often do you manage your online reputation? Have you Googled yourself and your business name lately? Roaring Pajamas recommends that businesses search for themselves online on a regular basis to make sure negative reviews and articles are addressed in a timely manner. Sometimes, a company’s customer service is not up to par and the business owner doesn’t even know customers are not happy. Often customers write reviews instead of complaining directly to management. By monitoring your online presence, you’ll be able to respond to issues and reviews in a timely manner.

Today, every single customer has the potential to write a review online – in a review on Yelp!, Google Places, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, online forums, etc. Staying current on the status of your reviews and making sure your customers are happy are more important to your business than ever before.

Roaring Pajamas helps repair and monitor online reputation by monitoring the search engine results pages (SERPs) on the top search engines and taking action when negative posts are identified. Reputation management is a very important process and service that all businesses should take seriously. Our approach involves a holistic view of your business. Roaring Pajamas not only monitors online presence, but we provide guidance regarding internal process improvements for customer service, testimonial and online review acquisition and employee loyalty and rewards programs. We can help by:

—   Monitoring SERPs to identify new negative (and positive) posts or reviews

—   Requesting removal of posts that are inappropriate according to each review site’s terms and conditions. For example, many sites do not allow 3rd-party reviews (“my mom had a bad experience with…”) or reviews that aren’t really valuable (“the paper my invoice was printed on was very thin…”). When posts do not meet a site’s terms, the site owner often cooperates with us to remove the offending post.

—   Suggesting improvements to a company’s internal customer service activities to help improve customer satisfaction. For example, did you know that today customers expect a response online within one hour of posting to a Facebook page or even a sent email? Improving your response time can make a big difference in review ratings.

—   Creating new listings and content that appear on the SERPs to help push down negative content – press releases, Wikipedia articles, company profiles, etc.

Don’t let negative reviews ruin your online reputation. Let us help you improve yours today.