Negative Reviews? Find the Cause & Fix What’s Broken!

Reputation Management May Save Your Business

Reputation management is an important tool for any business or organization, and it's worth taking the time to learn how to use it effectively. With the right approach, you can boost your reputation and build a strong foundation for success.

Reputation is a business’s most valuable asset, and it's the first thing people see when they Google your organization.


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Having a negative online reputation could cost you customers and ruin your company.

Roaring Pajamas is here to help with your reputation management so you can improve your online presence using our tried-and-true methods that have worked for many clients. Our team includes former journalists, SEO strategists, copywriters, social media experts, and more – all working together to make sure that people see the awesomeness in your organization!

Do you know what your customers are saying about your business on forums, review sites and social media platforms? If not, you should, because those word-of-mouth recommendations (and complaints) could be the difference between your business thriving or diving.

Not only do negative online reviews and news drive potential customers away, they even show up in search results, so people looking for your business may see the negative content instead of all your organization’s positive information. This situation could be costing you revenue.


Manage Your Reviews Before They Manage You


We help you manage reviews and other online content to clean up your online reputation by monitoring for negative mentions and responding quickly when we hear about them. There’s no doubt organizations make mistakes. But when those bad decisions come back to haunt your enterprise, what do you do?

That’s when you need an online reputation management plan.

Our team takes a long view approach. We study your operating practices, we locate and catalog as many of your online mentions as possible, and we develop a reputation management plan to turn your customers’ comments into online gold.

Some reputation management companies try to flood the internet with positive reviews and other content so the negatives get pushed down. Our approach involves some of this activity and much more. We work with your entire team to identify and then fix what might be broken within your organization.


Are You Listening?


Do your clients feel like they aren’t being heard? Do reviews show some employees may have been rude to customers? Has the Better Business Bureau received a complaint about your organization? Is there a negative story about your company’s founder that needs to be reviewed and addressed online?

Roaring Pajamas looks at all these factors and gets down to the fundamentals. Maybe you should have a company policy that employees don’t look at their mobile phones while interacting with customers. Or maybe employees need some training on how to deal with an upset shopper. And arguing with the complainant who filed with the Better Business Bureau doesn’t do anyone any good. We work with you to address complaints in any way possible to get them resolved so you can move on.

Thank you for the great work you did with my little project. I am so pleased to know my concerns have been addressed and my privacy has been protected (at least for a while!) Peace of mind at last! It was a pleasure working with you!

Carrie Drake


Get Going. The Sooner the Better.

We won’t allow you to let a bad review fester. The faster and more effectively you manage reviews and other mentions and address broken processes and negative online comments, the better off your organization, and your customers, will be.

Let Roaring Pajamas help with your reputation management goals with a comprehensive evaluation and reaction plan. Contact us today.

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