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Search Engine OptimizationOur search engine optimization (SEO) consulting team uses an artful combination of science and practical experience to optimize your website for search. We find that many brands aren’t even found on Google. Have you Googled your brand name and your own name? Do you show up? If so, how often do you show up and on what page? Do you appear on page 1 for the most important keywords your customers are using to find you? Most searchers don’t look past the listings on page 3. That’s where SEO consulting can help.

With Roaring Pajamas, your brand will rank and ultimately, our goal is to bring your site within the top five search results on page 1 on Google for keyword phrases that are appropriate for your content. Our SEO consulting team repeatedly achieves search engine optimization success through extensive research and competitive analysis and offers valuable keywords that match the content of each page on your website. We maximize on-page factors and incorporate both on-site and off-site link-building practices.

Customizable search engine optimization programs are available for small-to-medium sized businesses. However, in these troubled times, we want to help small businesses recover quickly. That’s why we created a special offering to kick start SEO at an affordable price. The SEO Essentials Starter Package includes a basic website audit and on-page optimization for an affordable price. Get started optimizing your website for organic search today!

We define search engine optimization as the technique of tuning or modifying a webpage in order to improve how a search engine displays the webpage summary in organic search results. The techniques that help to improve the position “ranking” of the page include understanding the many ranking factors that improve the likelihood that this page can become the most relevant page for the search query.

Figure 1. Three Pillars of SEO

The Roaring Pajamas Process

We unpacked many of these ranking factors and discovered through trial and error the techniques with the most impact. Some of these practices involve the obvious elements such as copy quality and how that copy is displayed, while other factors are less obvious. These search engine optimization techniques fall into several areas of understanding and expertise including:

Infrastructure – Infrastructure optimization or crawlability refers to a search engine’s ability to find, crawl and index a webpage or website.

On-page Optimization – On-page optimization refers to the elements tied to the structure, quality and relevance of a specific webpage or website. This area of optimization includes analyzing and optimizing both the text on the page as well as the metadata.

Off-Page – Off-page optimization refers to links that point to a given webpage from within the same website and links from websites outside of your specific domain. This area of search engine optimization tends to be the most challenging and difficult to scale.

The Roaring Pajamas SEO consulting team uses a time-tested, 3-tier process to optimize your website. Our years of experience allowed us to partner with our clients to provide the best optimization techniques and keywords for your particular business and industry. Our 3-step process includes the three pillars of SEO (See Figure 1.):

  • SEO Audit
  • On-Page Factors
  • Off-Page Factors

We maximize on-page factors and incorporate both on-site and off-site link-building practices to bring your business the best results. Learn more about our steps:

SEO Site Audits

A search engine optimization site audit is a careful look at a website from the perspective of a search engine crawler and how crawlers experience the target website. There are many important characteristics that play into this analysis and our goal is always to be both objective and thorough. Google, for instance, changes the variables of what it considers in evaluating a site and its pages. We stay abreast of these variables to the best of our ability so we can ensure your site is crawlable. As a result, we offer SEO Site Audit services as a product designed to uncover issues affecting a site’s search visibility. An effective SEO site audit looks at your site much the same way as a search engine crawler. We uncover any problems and recommend fixes for those issues that prevent access to the crawler or could cause a ranking problem. Our team looks at page attributes that include robots.txt, redirects, hidden code, page size and many more. You will know exactly how your site is being viewed by the engines, allowing you to be in the driver’s seat. We deliver audit results in an easy-to-track, prioritized list of actions to be completed by your development team, writers or our team at Roaring Pajamas. Our team is available for questions and guidance every step of the way.

On-Page Factors

Working together with you, we identify the best target landing pages on your website, then we research appropriate keywords for each page. After competitive analysis to ensure you can rank for our recommended keywords, we create a selection of phrases and SEO content for each page. We work together with you to finalize the keywords, to update copy and install the SEO on the site.

Off-Page Factors

Links are a crucial element in any search engine optimization strategy. Our team works with you to create a customized link building strategy. Then, we execute on the pieces of the strategy that make sense for your business. We typically focus on 3 key areas:

  • External links
    • Editorial, PR, Partners, events, awards and any other places where a target link makes sense.
    • Business directories and other outreach efforts
    • Upgrades to existing links
  • Internal links – Linking from one page to another page on the site using “anchor text” is an important practice. Internal links help the crawler find the pages on your site, and improve SEO through targeted keywords.

You’ll receive a monthly report outlining our efforts and the growth of your link profile compared to your competitors.

Custom Reporting

Reporting is important because all the work performed on your website is exciting and inspires confidence. However, we know what is most important is showing performance improvements and conversions. Our data geeks can create a Custom Reporting Dashboard that allows you to track your search engine optimization progress by reviewing Google search results to monitor your site’s search traffic. We also offer reporting services that include monthly SEO progress reports along with suggestions for improvements to your website.


Finding the right mix of each group of search engine optimization techniques and partnering with our clients is how we separate ourselves from other SEO consulting agencies. We “teach our clients to fish” for themselves so long after we’ve completed our efforts with your company, you’ll understand the work we performed to ensure it remains intact. We share our SEO “secrets” with you; we’ll answer your questions; and we provide training and reporting when necessary to provide comfort and trust. We often provide training to editors, writers, product managers and even C-Suite executives. Hiring an agency that treats your business like it is their own is imperative to search engine optimization success. We take pride in seeing your website deliver on both the quality and quantity of visits from the top search engines.

Are you ready to increase conversion rates, leads and revenue? Contact us to set up a search engine optimization consultation. To prepare, review our blog post, “Ask These Seven Questions Before Hiring an SEO Consulting Agency.” We work with small- to medium-sized businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, and many of our clients are in other locations in the US, UK and Canada. We’ve been virtual since 2009, and can meet with you via Zoom, Skype or online conferencing system of your choice.

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