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Does your website need search engine optimization (SEO)? Have you Googled your brand name or organization? If so, how often does it show up and on what page? Does it appear on Page 1 for the most important keywords your customers are using to find you? That’s where our SEO consulting services can help.


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Our search engine optimization consulting team uses an artful combination of science and practical experience to optimize your website for search. With Roaring Pajamas, you’ll receive a customized SEO strategy to help your brand rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our team repeatedly achieves search engine optimization success. View our Case Studies to see our results. We improve site crawlability, improve on-page factors and incorporate both on-site and off-site link-building practices – all with leads and conversions in mind.


The Roaring Pajamas Process

We’ve unpacked many ranking factors and discovered through trial and error the techniques that provide the biggest impact. Some of these practices involve obvious elements such as copy quality, while other factors are less obvious. These search engine optimization techniques are what we call The Three Pillars of SEO: Infrastructure, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.


They are the basic steps to optimization, even though SEO efforts are endless. An ongoing program may incorporate more activities, such as frequently asked questions development, Schema, blog article optimization and more. The Roaring Pajamas SEO consulting team uses this time-tested, three-tier process to optimize your website. Our years of experience allow us to partner with our clients to provide the best optimization techniques and keywords for your particular business and industry.

And the work all starts with an audit of your website.


First Things First – The Site Audit


A search engine optimization site audit is a careful look at a website from the perspective of a search engine. Many important factors influence this analysis, and our goal is always to be both objective and thorough.

Google often changes its variables when evaluating a site and its pages. We stay up-to-date on these variables to the best of our ability to ensure your website is crawlable and optimized for the best possible ranking.

Our SEO Site Audit uncovers issues affecting a site’s search visibility. We discover any problems and recommend fixes for those issues that prevent access to the crawler or could cause a ranking problem.

Figuring out those back-end search strategy details can be tedious. But we love this stuff! We understand SEO on a technical level. Our team members are experts at using the available tools and knowing the search guidelines to effectively execute each of our services.

Our team looks at site attributes, such as redirects, page size, page load speed and much more–all parts of your site’s infrastructure.

Then, the audit considers title tags, meta descriptions, duplicate content, link quality–the on-page SEO.

And finally, we look at other sites that link to yours to evaluate the soundness of the link profile–the off-page SEO.

We deliver audit results in an easy-to-track, prioritized list of actions to be completed by your development team and writers or by our team at Roaring Pajamas. We are available for questions and guidance every step of the way.

Custom Reporting

Reporting is important. How else will you know the return on your SEO investment?

Our data geeks create a Custom Reporting Dashboard that allows you to track your search engine optimization progress. You can review Google search results to monitor your site’s search traffic. We also offer reporting services that include monthly SEO progress reports along with suggestions for improvements to your website.

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Transparency & Training

Finding the right mix of each group of search engine optimization techniques and partnering with our clients is how we separate ourselves from other SEO consulting agencies. We “teach our clients to fish” for themselves. Therefore, long after we’ve completed our efforts with your company, you’ll understand the work we performed to ensure it remains intact.

We share our SEO “secrets” with you; your questions will be answered; and we provide training and reporting when necessary to ensure your comfort and trust. We also offer an SEO training program to editors, writers, product managers and even C-Suite executives.

Are you ready to increase conversion rates, leads and revenue?

Contact us to set up a search engine optimization consultation. To prepare, review our blog post, “Ask These Seven Questions Before Hiring an SEO Consulting Agency.”

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