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Look to Roaring Pajamas for SEO training for your writers.

How does your organization implement search engine optimization strategies for your website when you already have your own freelance or in-house team of content creators? Are you confident your writers know the keys to good SEO?

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Roaring Pajamas founder Melanie Yunk developed a program to teach your content team the basics of SEO that helps them optimize blog posts and other content on your website.

SEO Lite is an SEO training course that teaches you and other members of your content team how to research and select appropriate keywords and implement them on your web pages. This program is perfect for companies with an in-house editor/writer or even a team of writers.

SEO Lite teaches your content production team how to:

Perform keyword research

Create properly-formatted on-page elements - URL, <title> and meta descriptions

Incorporate selected keywords for proper keyword density

Create proper internal and external links

Optimize images

SEO Training

Our SEO Lite program is designed with your organization in mind.

We’ll go over the basics: keywords, long-tail and head terms, search engines, crawlers, indexing and the Google algorithm.

You’ll learn how to use Google Keyword Planner so you can determine keywords appropriate for your blog posts.

You’ll learn all about title tags and meta descriptions, why they are important and how to format them properly.

We’ll talk about why it’s important to label images correctly.

And then, you’ll learn the absolute dos and don’ts of implementing SEO on your website. And there are a lot of them.

SEO Lite is perfect for the writer who only has a few minutes to research and select keywords for each article. Either the editor will do this work and assign articles with keywords to writers, or each writer will conduct their own research.

And the program is great for organizations posting regular blog content. Each post should feature two or three keywords, and if you post a new blog every week, that means, with only one post per week, you’ll add eight to 12 new keywords to your site every month!

Don’t worry. You won’t be required to learn confusing code like HTML or CSS.


I have worked with Roaring Pajamas on two websites and their input has been very useful to gain an understanding on the details that go into making a website more visible in searches. Great training for blog writing as well. I do recommend them!

Cristina Radu

Stone Age Gym

Will I be Able to Do All My SEO?

But what about really important pages like Home, About and Services? You’ll want an experienced agency to do the work on your static, evergreen pages. An experienced SEO agency will do more extensive research and competitive analysis into the keywords that best fit your website and have a better opportunity to rank higher on search engine results pages. But our SEO training for editors, writers and other content creators is best for quick results.

Contact Roaring Pajamas today to discuss our SEO Lite training course. You might find yourself going back to school to learn some SEO essentials.

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