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A Healthy Site Infrastructure Leads to Improved Crawlability & Ranking

Your site infrastructure must be sturdy and sound when search engines come crawling.

When Roaring Pajamas scrutinizes your website during a site audit, one of our first goals is to make sure the technical SEO provides a strong foundation.

Site infrastructure analysis is just one part of our comprehensive SEO audit. The other two major parts include on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

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You’ve got to know the barriers your site has put up to any web crawler, and the first step in determining where your site falls short is by inspecting your site infrastructure. Once we’ve examined the backend data and features, we guide your development team on exactly what needs to be done to make the site as accessible to search crawlers as possible.

We gauge the health of a site by looking at it just like a crawler. Is the site easily accessible? Are there toxic links or missing redirects? Is there stray code that could wreak havoc with a search engine? We identify possible site infrastructure hang-ups for a crawler that may result in lower SERP rankings.


After we’ve sifted through the entire backend of your site, we identify any issues and prioritize them. Then the checklist is turned over to your website development team or your content team. Or Roaring Pajamas can handle the upgrades for you.


What the Tech?

Our analysis is sometimes called technical SEO because we examine the core elements of a website, including:

Server configuration

Site and page load speeds


Site architecture

Mobile compatibility

Error codes and broken links


Is your Site Healthy?

This analysis is critical to the search health of a site. A healthy website must be easily found, accessed, crawled, indexed and cached by search engines for any chance of a website’s content being found through a search engine query. Any site infrastructure or other technical SEO issues may affect how well the pages are found and ranked on the search engine results page (SERP).


What Do We Tackle First?

Roaring Pajamas takes its findings from a site infrastructure analysis and prioritizes the issues and recommended solutions based on level-of-effort and potential impact on rank performance.

There’s no doubt a site infrastructure analysis is an important pillar of SEO. But it’s an activity that works best when used ‌with a full SEO strategy, which is exactly what Roaring Pajamas offers its clients.

Professional and personal. We used their service for 18 months to jump start our website. Melanie and Kelly went above and beyond. They suggested business ideas and linked us with other vendors. Highly recommend.

Jeremy Hinton


We Offer Real Value

We're different from other SEO agencies. Not only is our goal for your site to rank higher in search engines, we emphasize transparency so you know exactly what our suggestions mean and how they should impact your site.

Contact us today to find out how a site infrastructure analysis developed by Roaring Pajamas can root out why your website isn’t ranking highly on search engine results pages.

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