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Futuristic Buildings of Planned Google Campus Hope to Inspire

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Google Campus, Futuristic Buildings

By Melanie Yunk | March 26, 2015

Google holds a long-standing history of a fun, creative work environment, and their plans for a new Google Campus in Mountain View, California will exceed expectations. In late-February, Google announced plans for a transparent campus, situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, which would contain a cohesive work-living environment.

To meet Google’s demands for an innovative, energy-efficient design, Thomas Heatherwick and Bjarke Ingels dove into a new realm of architectural design according to Google’s Official Blog. The new Google Campus will cover an expansive 3.4 million square feet and comprise seven new buildings in the North Bayshore area of Mountain View.

The building’s exterior “shell”, or glass canopy, will provide a means for nature to breathe life throughout workplace and restore a holistic environment in a highly industrialized region. Hiking and bike trails throughout the futuristic buildings will avoid a stereotypical, parking lot-ridden landscape. However, Google’s true plans reveal a pathway towards robotics involvement to enhance such a campus. Within a reconfigurable designed office space, future plans hope for a robotic reassembly to provide a changing, adaptable environment for employees.

Furthering Google’s cause for a new, productive space, Google’s well-known practice of recycling old buildings will not overshadow the remarkable designs of Heatherwick and Ingels. This Google Campus will reinvent Google’s existing office space in Mountain View.

Not only will a new Google Campus contain a man-made blending of nature and modernity, but development will increase existing creek beds and enhance burrowing owl habitats. In addition, restaurants and retail spaces will permeate the campus and increase small to medium businesses’ economic growth in the area.

Google Campus, Futuristic Buildings

Now, Google’s futuristic buildings appear to invite everyone in Mountain View, not just Google’s employees, which represents Google’s plans exactly. The new Google Campus will provide a family-friendly atmosphere and offer restitution to Google’s home city.

15 years ago, Google selected Mountain View as a perfect location for building a new headquarters. As society moves towards increasing conservationist efforts, a new campus will meld conservationist ideals and productive methodology into one innovative environment. In fact, Google’s out-of-the-box thinking sparked the idea behind a new Google Campus. What do you think about the Google’s new proposed campus?

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