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Does GooglePlus Really Help SEO?

Posted on by Melanie Yunk

Ever wonder about the benefit of GooglePlus? Should you add your business? Google+InstaHow about following a business? Does GooglePlus help SEO? Should you post on GooglePlus or +1 a post? And, what’s GooglePlus’ viability as a social network or does Google intend to dismantle it? Many questions abound over G+, so let’s talk about it and the significance of GooglePlus for your business. And, believe it or not, how it relates to a grocery store!

The Scoop on Google+

First, despite some rumors and misunderstandings about the undoing of GooglePlus, it remains a viable and important social network. Last summer, Google reorganized the business and announced changes to detach GooglePlus from other Google products. The detachment removes the requirement of a Google+ account for one to use and interact with other Google products.

For example, YouTubers expressed strong dissatisfaction when Google required viewers to login via GooglePlus in order to comment on videos. This requirement killed the interactive nature of the video platform and left viewers and YouTubers, alike, frustrated. YouTubers rejoiced over news of this change. As well, Google needs to up its game with Google Photos to compete with Apple and iPhoto. Detaching Google Photos from Google+ makes the photo product more attractive, interesting and user-friendly.

The GooglePlus SEO Value

Despite unhitching from other Google products, GooglePlus serves a tremendous value and continues as an ongoing, operable social network. With a newfound focus on an interest-based social experience, G+ allows its users to engage around like concerns and past times. As well, and perhaps more importantly for some, GooglePlus remains critical for SEO.

My favorite analogy of the importance of SEO persists from my days in the food business. Just as brands strive to acquire maximum space on grocery store shelves to promote visibility and influence sales, marketers aim to maximize space on a search engine results page (SERP) to drive optimal traffic to their content and sites. Multiple vehicles drive online traffic, but great SEO achieves SERP “shelf space” that other marketing activities cannot drive or control.

Why does GooglePlus influence SEO, you question? It stands to reason that GooglePlus, being a Google product, impacts SEO quite considerably. One may not reach as large an audience directly through posts on Google+ as one may reach through other social networks. However, the indirect reach – via SEO and Google search benefits – yields crucial results and increased traffic when content appears higher and more often in search results. Likening this back to my grocery store analogy, when a brand takes a greater share of shelf space it increases the chances of purchase.

The GooglePlus SEO Tip

At Roaring Pajamas, we create Google Alerts to watch for specific keywords on GooglePlus. We receive an alert when our tracked keywords appear in G+. This makes our lives easier because we know now know exactly where on GooglePlus to look, and when.

Have your tried Google Alerts? Check it out for the keywords and key phrases that hold meaning for you and your business.

The G+ Bottom Line

Remember GooglePlus; don’t put it on the back burner. You should have a GooglePlus business page. You should +1 posts when you or your business agrees. And, you or your business should follow other respected businesses. While you may not dedicate as much time to the network as you do to other, more trafficked and interactive networks, GooglePlus contributes compelling SEO value that simply cannot be ignored.

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