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Holiday Gift Guide for Social Media Euphoria

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Tablet Case, iPad Case, Bluetooth Keyboard

By Melanie Yunk | December 5, 2014

The holidays are almost here and Santa is making his lists and checking them twice. Holiday gift guides are cropping up everywhere full of ideas for everyone on your shopping list. Have you made out your wish list or are you just really unsure what to get the social media manager in your life? You are in luck! We scoured the earth and tapped all our resources to find the social media gifts these techies are wishing Santa to bring them this year. Oh ok, we really just asked our team and talked to a few friends, but we came up with some great ideas that are sure to be a hit with those Google gurus and tweeters in your life.

We present: 

Roaring Pajama’s Holiday Gift Guide of Social Media Gifts to Delight 

When it comes to digital marketing professionals, there are a few obvious choices to include in our Holiday Gift Guide. The new iPhone 6, an upgraded lightweight laptop and, of course, the newest tablet on the market. We wanted our list of social media gifts to go beyond the obvious and share the “not so obvious” ideas with you. Although, we won’t complain if we find a new iPad under our tree. Hint, hint. Here’s our list:


3-in-1 DASH Case with Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air Tablet

Tablet Case, iPad Case, Bluetooth Keyboard

The DASH is a multi-functional iPad case with a Bluetooth keyboard. The case is slim, comes in a variety of colors and holds your tablet at any angle with it’s magnetic folding stand. The keyboard boasts a removable, full QWERTY Keyboard and has a battery life of 280 hours on a two-hour charge. Perfect for typing email, writing articles or sending a quick post, yet flexible enough to leave the keyboard and the outer jacket behind and carry the iPad in the light-weight shell.


Mophie Powerstation Battery Charger

Portable Charger, Battery ChargerThere are few things worse for the SEO or social media manager on the go than finding a device low or out of power. A portable charging device when on the road, in an airport or between client meetings is a necessity, not a luxury. The Mophie Portable Battery Packs are compatible with Apple products, Android, Blackberry and other tablets. Our experts say you should get the big one, because you can’t always find an outlet.


Sonos Soundbar, Sub-Woofer and Wireless Speakers

Sub-Woofer, wireless speakersWork environment is so important to getting a job done well. Don’t you agree? For us, sound is a huge component of creating the perfect work atmosphere. Sonos Soundbar and Sub Wireless Subwoofer meets the requirements for our crowd. Aside from the superior sound, it’s wireless. Wireless devices are vital in our business. We have enough cords already around our desks and work spaces. Another key feature is the app. You can run the app from your phone or tablet and play one song in one office, another song in the break room or play the same song in multiple rooms. Also, the nifty little Subwoofer can even hide on the floor, under a desk or on top of a bookcase.


Tickets to SXSW

SXSW, South by Southwest

We are putting this in the “educational” section of our Holiday Gift Guide. No, really, attending the South by Southwest conference is an educational experience for digital marketers. Well, yes, there is music, food and film, but there are actual presentations, workshops and a technology trade show too, all associated with the SXSW Interactive Festival. The Interactive festival includes five days of inspiration, showcasing technologies and sharing ideas with the over 30,000 digitally-minded attendees. Online marketing geeks would love an opportunity to live tweet their fresh ideas as they expand their minds at SXSW.


The Digital Mystique by Sarah Granger

Digital Mystique, digital life, social media

This year’s Holiday Gift Guide book choice is The Digital Mystique by Sarah Granger. We personally already have our copy, and highly recommend this book to all those working in the digital marketing realm. The author, Ms. Granger, describes her book as “a practical guide to digital life.” Each chapter examines a different aspect of our lives and provides ideas and anecdotes for how we can use social media to improve that part of our life – keeping in touch with friends, raising tech savvy kids, communicating with colleagues, building communities or helping causes. The Digital Mystique gives readers the gift of a deeper understanding for how digital media can enrich our lives and our world.


Tell us what social media gifts you’d like to buy for your favorite digital marketing professional. We hope you were able to get some great ideas from our Holiday Gift Guide. What did we miss? Happy Holidays from Roaring Pajamas!

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