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Roaring Pajamas’ 3rd Annual Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Awesome Holiday Tech Gifts for the Tech-Lover in Your Life

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By Melanie Yunk | November 19, 2017

Can you believe the holidays are almost upon us again? We may or may not already be playing holiday music in the Roaring Pajamas office 🙂

We’re also planning our holiday shopping! After tapping our team for their favorite holiday tech gifts, I’m actually excited to start shopping for presents for the tech lovers amongst my friends and family . . . and okay, okay—I’m pretty excited to shop for a few personal presents, too.

These were the top five gift ideas from the techies on our team—and I’m sure they’ll be the perfect gifts for the techies in your life, too:

Amazon Echo

With varying sizes—and now versions with a screen and built-in smart home hub—the Amazon Echo offers several ideal holiday tech gifts for those who love home technology. At Roaring Pajamas, we’re partial to the Echo Dot. The smallest-sized Echo is one of those perfect additions to the office: it won’t take up too much room on your desk, it can hear you from across the room and it makes calls and sends messages, too! You can also ask the Dot to play music, ask for weather info, get answers to math problems, ask Alexa (the Echo’s personal assistant) to tell jokes, set timers and even ask how many days there are until Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa.

Sony h.ear on Headphones

On the list of perfect wearable presents for tech lovers, these headphones are at the top! They’re perfect for a long commute or just needing to zone out at your desk. With five different bold colors, premium high-resolution audio and practical portability, they offer high-quality sound and they look pretty! If you’re still looking for holiday tech gifts for the techie in your life that likes to get lost in music or simply needs to block out all of the noise while they work, these headphones are a great choice.

Nato Smartmount

The Nato Smartmount isn’t quite tech itself—but it sure makes for a good tech accessory! You can use the mount in your car or on the wall next to your desk to keep your phone in place. The Nato Smartmount helps you keep your phone out of your hands and out of the way, but you can still access it quickly and easily. Our team loves the safety it provides in the car (the strong magnet keeps your phone from flying out of reach during a quick stop or even an accident) and the hands-free accessibility it offers at home. If you’re seemingly on your phone all the time these days—and who among us isn’t?—the Nato Smartmount helps you use it seamlessly and safely wherever you are.

Evoluent Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

While you most likely won’t easily pull your favorite techie away from the computer screen, time spent at a desk can be made just a little more comfortable. Most of us understand the importance of sitting up straight—but what about the other muscles that bear the wear-and-tear of a tech-loving lifestyle? The Evoluent Wireless Mouse is designed to reduce muscle strain and discomfort because it fits your natural hand position and grip while in use. And the benefits move beyond your hand! The ergonomic advantages of this mouse travel up the arm, elbow, and into your shoulders too, providing greater comfort and ease throughout your body every time you’re at your desk—and making it one of the best holiday tech gifts to give this year.

Braava Floor Mopping Robot by iRobot

Don’t worry, this floor mopping robot from iRobot won’t take over the world—but it will help you tackle your chores! And aren’t the best gifts the ones that help you take another to-do off the list? The helpful robot vac can mop and sweep, and has a built-in navigation system that ensures cleanliness in every nook and cranny! I’ll take one for each room, please 🙂

What are your favorite holiday tech gifts this year? Share the presents you hope to pull this holiday season in the comments below!

Happy holidays from all of us at Roaring Pajamas!

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