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By Melanie Yunk | August 13, 2017

Over the last year or so, we’ve compiled a treasure trove of Instagram help articles. Since clients and friends regularly ask how to use Instagram, we thought we’d record this quick summary for easy access to our “Instagram Help Greatest Hits.” Check it out, and let us know what you think.

To start, this post on how to best use Instagram for business shares our top seven tips and tricks to rock the basics of Instagram. It’s packed with notes on post frequency and timing, useful tools to master the app, hashtag ideas, best practices, some of our favorite Insta accounts and more. We often refer to this post as a way to lay a foundation for great Instagram success.

After the above-mentioned post offering Instagram help for businesses, we chronicled the unveiling of increased Instagram business offerings. The post detailed the additional functionality for business users, including enhanced profiles with contact information, analytics, improved advertising options and new shopping features. We were so excited with these announcements, as they really provide value to us, our clients and other business users.

Since photos, images and videos are the keys to Instagram, one of the most important concepts to understand remains the etiquette of using other people’s images. Our article on photo credits, a topic that sits near and dear to our hearts and the hearts of many followers, persists as one of our all-time most-engaged-with posts. Take a look and see if it rates for you, too!

And, remember when Instagram started resembling SnapChat? You know, with disappearing video and crazy filters? We happily shared step-by-step instructions on how—and why—to use Instagram Stories. That was a fun one!

Finally, how about that time Instagram updated its algorithm and caused everyone and their mother to totally freak out? That was a doozy of a ride for us social media agencies! Here’s our review of the Instagram update that added a few gray hairs to our team. And, that update helped set the tone to understand some of our tips to turn up the volume on Instagram engagement. Tactics like pods, location tagging, improved calls to action, links in bio, Instagram Stories, contests and more instantly up an Instagram game!

There you have it—our compilation of our recent Instagram help articles. Anything we’ve missed that you want to know more about? Anything we’ve covered, but requires more deets? Let us know: we love your input!

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