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SEO for YouTube Videos to Improve Your Ranking on Google

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Video Ranking, YouTube Videos

By Melanie Yunk | December 21, 2014

Are you trying to figure out how to implement SEO practices for YouTube videos with little or no success? Perhaps, your videos found success by ranking well on YouTube, but are still a long way from showing up on page one on Google. The SEO strategy to increase your ranking for videos on Google and YouTube is similar. However, to do both well you need to use a variety of SEO techniques. For information on ranking well on YouTube, refer to our past blog post: Strategic Video SEO Tips To Improve Your YouTube Ranking. Below we will focus more on learning a few additional video SEO basics specifically for helping your videos rank higher on Google.

While many tactics exist to help boost SEO for YouTube videos on Google, we will focus on two main strategies in this article: embedding videos and Google video Sitemap.

Embedding Videos

One simple way to improve SEO for YouTube videos is to embed the video on your website. Embedding a video not only increases your chances of acquiring a lot more views, but also provides your video with a high-quality link. The more times a video is watched, the more credibility Google applies to the video. Quality links to YouTube videos also help increase rankings on Google.

Creating a compelling introduction to your video will entice people to watch. Remember all views count towards your credibility, so you want to include just enough text to encourage people to watch your video and for Google to understand the purpose of your video.

Creating a Video Sitemap

Another useful SEO strategy is to create a sitemap for your video. This handy tool works similar to a table of contents by providing Google with all the useful information about your video. A video sitemap helps get the video “discovered” more quickly. Plus, when you create a video sitemap, your website may get a boost in the search engine ranking, resulting in more visitors to your site.

By combining these tactics with other SEO basics, you will improve your videos’ chances to rank higher on Google. Did we miss anything? Do you know any other tactics for SEO for YouTube videos? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks as well.

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