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By Melanie Yunk | August 27, 2017

We invest tons of time in understanding and excelling in search optimization. And, we’ve written lots of SEO tutorials on our blog. We do it because it’s our business, but it’s also our passion. I know, it sounds super geeky, but it’s true!

We are constantly asked questions such as: What is SEO? Is SEO the same as SEM? How do you do SEO? Since so many of these topics have already been explored on our blog over the years, we decided to gather our top 6 SEO tutorial posts. Take a look, and hopefully they will help answer some questions.

To start, Kent wrote a post on how blogging helps a site rank. The post explored three pillars critical to improving a site’s ranking: on-page SEO, inbound links and infrastructure. The post also served as an important launching off point for many other blog posts on SEO topics.

In Kent’s article on tips for long tail keywords, he explored the different types of keywords and how to most appropriately and effectively use them on a website. The net-net of his SEO tutorial on keywords? A balanced mix of head, mid and long tail keywords prevails.

Next, we explored how to create high-quality backlinks—inbound hyperlinks from one web page to another web page— to improve site rank. The bottom line on backlinking best practices: create links with high-value websites that showcase content relevant to your area of expertise. Super logical, right?

In addition to great links, a website requires fresh and ever-changing content to optimize for search. We chatted about how fresh content improves website ranking in a recent post and even explained it using a very tangible house analogy. You think houses and SEO don’t really go together? Read the article, and we will change your mind!

Adding to the weirdly relevant SEO analogies, our post on how GooglePlus impacts SEO likens SEO practices to grocery practices. In a nutshell, great SEO acquires additional shelf space on a search engine results page (SERP). And, since GooglePlus is a Google product, the chances of Google search picking up SEO-relevant content from a GooglePlus post seems high.

Finally, SEO rates as a complex practice and not always suitable for a DIY project, no matter how many SEO tutorials one may read or watch. As such, we identified seven questions to ask when it comes to hiring an SEO agency.

What do you think? Does our SEO tutorial recap make SEO more manageable? Need more info? Check out our latest white paper, “10 Essential SEO Tactics for Business Success.” And, let us know if you have any questions. Call us crazy, but we love SEO, and we love helping our clients and friends understand it.


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