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Invisible on Social Media Platforms? Get Strategic and Get Seen

Posted on by Melanie Yunk

Don't Be Invisible

If your strategic marketing plan doesn’t include a strong presence on social media platforms, then you are missing a major opportunity for prospective clients to learn about your brand.

After all, what’s the point of creating the best product or service you possibly can if you’re not sharing it with the over 1 billion accounts that now exist on a range of social media platforms?

Like the proverbial tree that falls without anyone to hear it make a sound, a business without an Internet following is essentially a business that doesn’t exist. Worse still, businesses whose marketing campaigns ignore social media platforms turn a blind eye to potential customers who are hungry to engage.

According to data curated by business intel company DOMO, businesses receive a collective 34,722 “likes” on Facebook every single minute. Customers regularly use sites like Facebook to research potential purchases, and also show their loyalty to brands who’ve proven that they’re responsive to customer feedback. Browsers also use platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ to discover new products and services to figure out what their peers think before making a purchase.

Without several social media platforms in place to collect and promote this vital customer feedback, your online reputation shrinks down to almost nothing. Sure, you might have a decent website, but having only an outward facing site leaves your brand like that lonely tree falling with no audience to witness the sound. Ask yourself: does your website even exist without a steady stream of inbound traffic from social media?

If you’re ready to get smart about social media platforms, you’ll find a number of tools to engage with both satisfied and seeking customers. Try soliciting and responding to customer comments and concerns. Engaging in the stories of the day via relevant hashtags. Uploading exciting brand images and sharing customer images to create a legitimate community. These are the tools that will keep your company seen, heard and easily searchable, and using them strategically will lead to increased traffic to your site, and, eventually, higher sales.

Retooling your strategic marketing plan to include a greater emphasis on utilizing social media platforms can take some time, but with over 1 billion social media users and counting, it’s never been more worth it to put your best, most visible foot forward.

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