Top Tier Hi-Tech Professional Launches Unique Digital Strategy Agency Roaring Pajamas

Introducing the innovative, cutting edge digital strategy consulting firm that assures today’s entrepreneurs they don’t need a Safari to make it through the Social Media Jungle

San Carlos, CA January 25th, 2011

Leave it to the experts at Roaring Pajamas to be fearless leaders through the Social Media jungle for companies of all sizes, and in all stages of development. The savvy, experienced team at Roaring Pajamas, founded by industry innovator, Melanie Yunk, offers top notch expertise as a full service social media, search engine optimization, and digital strategy consulting agency.  Formerly known as Yunk Consulting, the newly named Roaring Pajamas continues its reputation as a successful trail blazer, helping its clients to create marketing solutions that enable them to not only bag their game, but to stay on top.

More than 20 years ago Melanie Yunk first cut her professional teeth while working at Honeywell Commercial Aviation Systems as a Projects Logistics Engineer, then at Intel Corporation as a Senior Program Manager, building international standards for semiconductor product information exchange and producing the first electronic databook available on the Internet. Next, as an independent consultant, she helped companies such as SAQQARA Systems and Tektronix integrate those standards into their tools and processes. Melanie traveled internationally to speak on the subject of interchange standards and became well-known for her knowledge of the Internet and the XML language.

In 2002, Melanie became the founder/president of Melanie’s Fine Foods, an all-natural gourmet food business. During her 9 years in the food business, Melanie developed excellent marketing skills that eventually caused her to become the social media and SEO authority she is today. Melanie’s combination of structured information, B2B, B2C, and her digital strategy experience, keep her and her clients ahead of the pack.

Melanie and her experienced, well-versed team at Roaring Pajamas guide businesses down the right path, helping them to avoid slippery slopes and pitfalls in the digital jungle. They help businesses create social media marketing campaigns, increase their rankings on the major search engines and also gain exposure for products and services via targeted blog marketing campaigns.

The Roaring Pajamas Difference
While social media is a relatively new arena, cropping up on the macro landscape within the last 3 or 4 years, there’ve been those who were there, who knew its potential impact, well before its time. Melanie Yunk is definitely one of those people who fully grasped this concept early on. She had the vision to see the significant impact the understanding and implementation of a social media strategy would have on business communications.

When her company was called Yunk Consulting – in January, 2008 — Melanie gained the loyalty of numerous key clients, each of whom she helped understand the digital strategy that would best work for them.

Today, taking on the task of tweeting, posting and blogging to promote products and services can be a daunting task, even to savvy entrepreneurs. Most business owners are far too busy to spend the time, energy and resources necessary to communicate with — and expand — their customer base.

“Most business people understand marketing, but are afraid of digital marketing,” Yunk states. “This is where we come in: Social Media and SEO are really just new tools for traditional marketing. We are here to help our clients translate their campaigns to this new way of communicating with their audience.”  Roaring Pajamas’ goal is to help make the entire Social Media, SEO and Digital Strategy experience a productive and enjoyable adventure.  As sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google change rapidly, Melanie and her team are available to provide creative digital solutions that are ahead of the pack.

Their inventive solutions put company brand communications seamlessly in sync with the digital age.  Roaring Pajamas offers unique solutions for a wide variety of businesses using an artful combination of science, practical experience, and responsiveness to each company’s needs.

About Melanie Yunk
President Melanie Yunk is a new media entrepreneur, consultant and engineering professional with 20 years combined experience in data management, online marketing, social media, search engine optimization and manufacturing. Not only can Roaring Pajamas originate meticulous, effective Search Engine Optimization — along with a comprehensive strategy for a total Social Media campaign — but the BIG plus is their combined expertise in creating an effective Digital Strategy to make it all come together in a meaningful, bottom line way.

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