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Why Twitter Lists Increase Efficiency for Businesses

Posted on by Melanie Yunk

It’s no secret Twitter offers vast opportunities to increase engagement and generate leads for business owners. In 140 characters or less, business owners reach current and prospective customers in a personal way, leading to increased sales and ongoing conversations invaluable to growth. Twitter lists help businesses organize their experience, save time, watch the competition and position themselves as industry leaders – all in an organized and timely manner. After all, social media platforms work best for the business owner when they’re not excessively time consuming.

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When using Twitter for business, Twitter lists offer more than just standard organization. The management aspect is helpful, no doubt, and smart business owners know how to cultivate lists to focus their messages and increase engagement with clients, employees and industry leaders. This feature offers an awful big punch that shouldn’t be wasted.


Twitter Lists to Hear Over the Noise

Lists allow business owners to pinpoint important tweets without getting sidetracked by a lot of clutter and noise in their feed. In professional use, the time requirement involved in precisely locating an audience may be costly. Twitter lists create an environment where each audience is conveniently located; tweets are easily tailored to the right audience; and business owners easily find the most relevant industry information by watching the tweets of an industry list. Business owners may engage with employees, convert potential clients to new clients and network with colleagues in a few minutes time. Of course, we recommend these lists are kept private as they are a business’s intellectual asset.


Industry Leader Prowess

Public Twitter lists provide an opportunity for followers and people on these lists to get to know the Twitter owner. Interested people may follow public lists, making the process of finding followers even easier. Creating an impressive public list becomes a fantastic resource that followers appreciate. Clever business owners add their own Twitter handle to their industry leader lists to add to their reach. Building an impressive and credible list also tends to add to the business’s credibility. Building fantastic lists for others to subscribe to should be as high up in the Twitter engagement plan as responses to retweets or following someone back.


Twitter Lists: Keeping Friends Close and Enemies Closer

Using Twitter for business comes with the added benefit of allowing users to keep an eye on their competition. An excellent use of lists is in keeping a private list of all competitors to easily see with whom and how they interact with followers and their latest business news.


The ideas above are a just a few of the ways Twitter lists streamline the experience and allow business owners to streamline their social media efforts, making more time to focus on 1:1 engagement, lead conversions and other important business activities.

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