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How Social Media is Like Gourmet Food

Posted on by Melanie Yunk

People often ask me why I transitioned from gourmet food manufacturing to social media consulting. I thought the similarities between the two were obvious, but evidently not. So, below are 5 ways that Social Media is like Gourmet Food:

  1. Social Media and Gourmet Food are totally addicting. I don’t know about you, but I can spend hours reading tweets and Facebook posts and who can eat just half a gourmet meal, take just one sip of a glass of fine wine or take a single bite of a homemade cake made with artisan chocolate? Not me. That’s why I consult. . . because my husband told me to either get off “the Twitter” and make some money or find a way to make money tweeting. He’s a very wise man, by the way.
  2. They’re both delicious. Obviously, gourmet food is delicious or it wouldn’t be gourmet. . . but social media? Delicious, really? I say “absolutely!” Have you seen all the foodies and chefs on Twitter, Facebook and 100s (1000s?) of food blogs, writing about their latest gourmet creations? I personally am Facebook friends with at least 350 chefs and foodies from all over the world. My Facebook page is – delicious – every day and my foodie friends on Twitter, like @LDGourmet, @chezus and @GrillGrrl are always cooking up something tasty.
  3. Social media and gourmet food require creativity. Only a creative chef would think of combining Madagasgar vanilla with creme fraiche and tupelo honey over a stack of banana buttermilk pancakes. People tweeting and posting must be creative to attract attention to their pages. Ok. I agree, not everyone has a creative Facebook page. In fact, some are downright boring. However, people who successfully tweet and post for business are very creative. Have you seen the Kingsford Charcoal Facebook page? @DrBBQ is always up to something on his Twitter page.Gourmet Food
  4. Left unattended, they’ll fade away. If a social media site is ignored, the site will eventually lose its readership and followers. An unattended gourmet meal will shrivel, smoke or even catch on fire – poof – gone.
  5. They’re not always good for you. Too much gourmet food may make you fat and too much social media gets you in trouble with your “real” friends and family. (See No. 1 above.)

So, there you go. Five justifications for leaving one addicting, delicious and creative job for another with the same traits. Whaddya think? Do you have any additions to the list?

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